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Status: Gathering Kudos

I use fitness and freshness to check my prepararedness for big events going back for years. I like to compare exact status just before a big event from 5 years ago. The current view levels of (3M ,6M ,1Y, 2Y & All time) dont allow for this (see the image of how busy the chart is). At All Time, 1Y and 2Y its virtually impossible to put the mouse on a specific date you want to check to see your stats or see pre-training events.  Fitness and freshness is one of the main reasons i subscribe to Strava rather than use the free service. I like to have a rough guage of my fitness level without having to resort to paying for another tool or device to do so e.g. Training Peaks, Whoop etc,

As work arounds I've tried zooming in the browser and using the keyboard once an item is clicked on to get better definition and selection of specific dates but none of these options work. The alternative of using the Training Calendar are no good as they dont show Fitness and Freshness scores.  A few suggestions to improve the experience of Fitness and Freshness :

  1. Update the UI to allow 'drag and zoom' on the chart. I've tried various browsers with no sucess.
  2. Allow the keyboard arrow keys to be used to move left or right one day at a time after having clicked on an approximate date with the mouse.
  3. Show fitness and freshness values on each activity in other areas of Strava (including the training calendar).
  4. Allow the export of Fitness and Freshness data so it can be graphed in Excel etc.




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Mt. Kenya



I love the fitness and freshness chart for seeing where I am at in terms of, well fitness and freshness! Specifically it is great for prepping for a race as I an see what effect training impulses are having and how I can manage tapering to try and optimise form for the day.

I've recently jumped back into training more regularly and I want to compare what I am currently  doing with some of my older periods of higher activity, but because I was out for a while the only way to see that is on the "All Time" date range.

Unfortanately because this then shows 11 years of data, I can't see any detail so it's difficult to focus in on how I prepped for previous big races.

I wonder if it would be possible to add a "Custom date range" feature here, that way I could pull up a several month period and see in more detail how my fitness and freshness were compared to now (on say the last 3 month view)?


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Hello @Eyes 

Thanks so much for your post about the Fitness and Freshness graph!  We're glad you find that feature useful and we appreciate your suggestions about ways to enhance it.

A related idea was already requested in the Ideas board, so I’ve moved your post here. This helps us keep the forums organized and makes sure suggestions are easy to find and votes for them aren’t divided across duplicate ideas. Don’t forget to show your support by clicking on the kudos button.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Hey just been looking at how this is rendered in the front end I see that it generates an SVG, so I grabbed the DOM element, and with a bit of regex matching was able to multiply up the x co-ords by x10 and wrap it in a div with overflow-x set, duplicated the scrollable SVG and can now compare present with past at a better scale kind of janky but looks like this: 



I wondered if making the 'all-time' chart wider & scrollable might be an easier fix than handling user inputs for specific date ranges etc. just a thought. for now I have a hacky workaround 🙂

Mt. Kenya

For reference the above is showing these two ranges from 'all-time' highlighted in pink (the race dot is out though!):