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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Archived

For example, I've completed my run 15 km, but I also want to know how many of 15 km were of the track I'd never run before. So for every activity it would be the additional parameter - 'new miles/kilometers'.

As a developer I realize, technically it's not easy to implement, some advanced algorithms should be used, but it will pay for itself. It could be such a tidbit for many users and can encourage them to subscribe!

That feature would target a pretty big amount of users who travel a lot. They would love to know how many unique kilometres they have run/ridden. And to compete with each other on this. 

(And, yes, some third-party developers have already created it outside Strava.)


Wandrer already does exactly what you are asking for and it integrates seamlessly with Strava. 

Pico de Orizaba

By third-party I meant namely Wandrer. I just thought it'd be great to have this feature in-built in Strava.
Because I can trust Strava, but I don't know anything about Wandrer project to trust them my private data.

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Mt. Kenya

My ideas:
- Can there be a summary of how many kilometers we traveled on the new routes after the expedition ?
- When creating a route (gpx import/creator), can there be information on what sections we have not yet traveled ?


Isn't that pretty much what already does?  I don't see a need to duplicate something that already exists.

Mt. Kenya

Ok, But I'm already paying for Strave. I don't want another paid app. So I think it would be nice to have it in an app I trust.


@Domin - is free and integrates seamlessly with strava.  I've gone to their website one time to sign up.  Since then, the stats post with each of my activities when they load to Strava.  No charge, no extra work.  

Mt. Kenya

After checking in, I can only see the last 50 activities. If I want to see more I have to pay $30/year

Mt. Kenya
When I expand my heatmap, it would have been fun to get a notification about how many new kilometers I have cycled and which roads they were.
Mt. Kenya

I am slightly obsessed with heatmapping, and would love to know after each ride what % was new heatmapping.

Mt. Kenya

Agree, I use as well; however would be great to have this embedded in the Strava app as part of the paid subscription that way all activities could be included rather than last 50 or paying for another service. would be a great acquisition target

Status changed to: Archived
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