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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos

Hi Strava and the Strava Community. 

This may have happened to you, you have put your best effort in to gain a KOM or QOM only to find that you are second, but second to someone who was assisted in some way. We all know how E-Bikes now have their own category as the purists who use completely human power to get their achievements didn't want to share a results table with those with assistance. 

I know how you feel, well imagine that you have no lost your KOM/QOM to a runner or cyclist who has DOG POWER pulling them along. These dogs can get runners around 5km in times that only Mo Farah can dream about, we have broken the 13 minute barrier for 5km at Parkrun. On the bikes they can be even quicker and also cross country and uphills see substantially quicker times due to the dog assistance. 

We only ask for 3 new sub categories to be created under the Run category a sub group of CaniCross, under bike 2 new categories, CaniBike and CaniScoot. Each will have the same features as the normal, but it allows our times and KOMs to be recorded separately and not skewing the pure results, ParkRun enabled this facility to list run as assisted, can STRAVA do the same. 

I have asked this of Strava many times, its top of a suggestions list on the Strava support page with 50% more votes than the second suggestion.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you can support this feature request and allow the good times to roll again without these **bleep** dogs skewing your results.

Tight lines and Hike On.

Mt. Kenya

It would be really helpful to add "Canicross" under Run, "Bikejore" under Ride and a Scooter discipline as well. As a sled dog race athlete, this would be incredibly helpful to compartmentalize our training plans and different results in each category. I have also had multiple complaints from local mtb people about earning medals, etc. because I have to currently put bikejoring in as just a ride.

I noticed current categories now have subcategories. Examples include: Running has "trail running" and Ride has "trail ride, e-bike, etc." Clarifying dog-powered sports would help each discipline keep track of their hard work and achievements much the same way that adding "e-bike" in helped separate the difference between motorized bikes.  



There is another thread already in place requesting this.  Please add your comments/kudos to that thread as applicable.  CaniCross, CaniBike and CaniScoot - Strava Community Hub

As far as current activities, dog-assisted activities should not be listed under things like "ride" or "run" since, as you noted, it would impact the leaderboards.  If you want, you could make those activities "private" so they are still tracked on your profile but do not show up on the leaderboards.  

Mt. Kenya

Yes please!! And skijour, as well 🎿


Mt. Kenya

Canicross & Dogscooter, please!

Mt. Kenya

Definitely add the canicross activity .. pls 🙂 As I am running with and without a dog, need to evaluate the progress separately, I am really struggling right now .. everything is plain run 🙂

Mt. Kenya

Please add canicross!

Strongly agree with the original post! 

Mt. Kenya

Canicross for sure. 
Also K9 Biathlon would be cool

Mt. Kenya

I'd like to add my voice to this as well! It would be fantastic to add Canicross as an activity. It is exploding in popularity just now.

Mt. Kenya

Please add canicross 

Mt. Kenya

Yes please allow us to have Cani activities on Strava as a separate activity with challenges etc. 

I think this would tip me over to start paying a subscription.  

Mt. Kenya

I want to select the cani-cross activity, but it doesn't exist. Currently this is a very large deficit for Strava. Please upgrade. 

Mt. Kenya

Yes please! I want to be able to track my own runs and canicross runs separatly. Both for the segments, my own pbs and volume. 

Mt. Kenya

Hello Strava Community! I'm DogRunner, an avid fan of the canicross sport from El Salvador. Canicross is not just a sport for me, it's a way of life that allows all of us to bond with the furry companion while staying active. Running cross-country with a dog brings immense joy and a sense of accomplishment. I'm excited to work promoting this sport with fellow canicross enthusiasts, share experiences, and support each other's fitness journey. Let's unleash the potential of canicross together! 🐾🏃

Mt. Kenya

Yes please Strava!

Mt. Kenya

Agreed! Please add CaniCross, CaniBike, and CaniScoot! I run and bike on my own, as well as being pulled by my Siberians in harness. I'd also like Strava to add CaniCart, CaniSki, and DogSled categories!!!  403647303_643341807987840_862631859719540592_n.jpg2-dog Standard Obi Rey 3.jpg