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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos

Hi Strava and the Strava Community. 

This may have happened to you, you have put your best effort in to gain a KOM or QOM only to find that you are second, but second to someone who was assisted in some way. We all know how E-Bikes now have their own category as the purists who use completely human power to get their achievements didn't want to share a results table with those with assistance. 

I know how you feel, well imagine that you have no lost your KOM/QOM to a runner or cyclist who has DOG POWER pulling them along. These dogs can get runners around 5km in times that only Mo Farah can dream about, we have broken the 13 minute barrier for 5km at Parkrun. On the bikes they can be even quicker and also cross country and uphills see substantially quicker times due to the dog assistance. 

We only ask for 3 new sub categories to be created under the Run category a sub group of CaniCross, under bike 2 new categories, CaniBike and CaniScoot. Each will have the same features as the normal, but it allows our times and KOMs to be recorded separately and not skewing the pure results, ParkRun enabled this facility to list run as assisted, can STRAVA do the same. 

I have asked this of Strava many times, its top of a suggestions list on the Strava support page with 50% more votes than the second suggestion.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you can support this feature request and allow the good times to roll again without these **bleep** dogs skewing your results.

Tight lines and Hike On.

Mt. Kenya

As a Canicrosser I couldn’t agree more about the need for separate tables . I have requested many times

Mt. Kenya

There is a great community of Canicrosser worlwide that will appreciate to have their sport recognized and have the opportunity to compare activities with their fellows.

Many of them could be new Strava users

Please consider Simon's idea to have Canicross, caniBike and caniScooter. You will make us happy

Mt. Kenya

I requested many times to Runtastic with no success. So i joined Strava...

Mt. Kenya

I hope we can create the 3 types of racing Canicross Bikejoring and Scootering. I wish I could upload my segments and koms without being told I'm a cheater


Mt. Kenya

Yeah 🔝

Mt. Kenya

Agree we need dog sports adding. I run a lot faster with my dog. 

Mt. Kenya

Si vorrei avere il canicross lo scooter e Bikejoring nella attività di Strava 

Mt. Kenya

Hello, I am a Labradoodle and love to do activities with my Human. He is tracking his own activities, and whenever I accompany him, he shares the activity (run/bike/etc) with my profile so I can have an activity log of my own! This is great, but a bit of a hassle because every time he sends an invite to an activity, I need to log in and go accept it from my own profile (and keyboards are not very paw friendly). It would be so great if I could have a little checkbox next to an invite saying "always accept activities invite from this user" when accepting it, so I never need to do it again. This would make life SO MUCH easier!! Thank you 🙂

Pico de Orizaba

Hi @Jane 

You state that Dogs are not allowed to open accounts, how do you moderate that? Surely the owner joins Strava and records all of their canine activities under a name. All of my activities in Strava are with my dog, I have just added some emojis to my account name 🐕--🚲 to illustrate that it is a joint human and dog account. 
I have just spent a weekend at a canine sports event 4 different courses over 4 days, different lengths, climbs, and I have added segments and I can compare my results with those of competitors who raced the same course over 3 years ago. 
We just want to be able to compare our canine activities with other like minded people and dogs and not take the KOM/QOM's from those unassisted athletes.

Mt. Kenya

Agreed! CaniCross please! 🐕 I asked this question to Strava help desk ('will there ever be Canicross?') and they gave a non reply and said I need to mark all CaniCross activities I do as 'private'. This is really disappointing as one of the features I enjoy with Strava is the social bit and - I'll admit - putting up a couple cute photos of my dog 😅 

Mt. Kenya

Hi. I am coming into conflict (in a friendly way) with MTB's as I keep getting their KOM's (unintentionally)
I log my Bikejor training and racing as MTB, as you know there are no sleddog sports categories such as Bikejor, (CaniBike) CaniCross, or CaniScoot. Can this be rectified soon, please.

Mt. Kenya

Yes ad dog run and cycling


Yes please! How about the idea for an umbrella sport category of "Mushing Sports" then a list beneath it to choose from canicross running, skijoring, kickbike mushing, bikejoring, kicksled mushing, and dryland rig/cart mushing, and traditional sled mushing. Did I miss any other mushing styles? I agree with some of the other posted comments, dog powered (with a trained athlete canine) sports are assisted so it's not at all fair to post them against human only powered sports.


Mt. Kenya

Please can Cani-cross be added as a sport. It's an up and coming sport rapidly growing in popularity! 

Mt. Kenya

Please add as new sport activities.

My mtb, running and Nordic skiing activities are very affected by the assistance from my dog.

I now have to change the privacy controls on my dog activities to private, so that I don’t show up in  the top of the leaderboards. I don’t want a KOM when I have dog assistance when the others don’t have assistance. It feels strange to have to hide my sporting activities.