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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Gathering Kudos

Hi Strava and the Strava Community. 

This may have happened to you, you have put your best effort in to gain a KOM or QOM only to find that you are second, but second to someone who was assisted in some way. We all know how E-Bikes now have their own category as the purists who use completely human power to get their achievements didn't want to share a results table with those with assistance. 

I know how you feel, well imagine that you have no lost your KOM/QOM to a runner or cyclist who has DOG POWER pulling them along. These dogs can get runners around 5km in times that only Mo Farah can dream about, we have broken the 13 minute barrier for 5km at Parkrun. On the bikes they can be even quicker and also cross country and uphills see substantially quicker times due to the dog assistance. 

We only ask for 3 new sub categories to be created under the Run category a sub group of CaniCross, under bike 2 new categories, CaniBike and CaniScoot. Each will have the same features as the normal, but it allows our times and KOMs to be recorded separately and not skewing the pure results, ParkRun enabled this facility to list run as assisted, can STRAVA do the same. 

I have asked this of Strava many times, its top of a suggestions list on the Strava support page with 50% more votes than the second suggestion.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you can support this feature request and allow the good times to roll again without these **bleep** dogs skewing your results.

Tight lines and Hike On.


Dogs, more than other beings, are present in the daily lives of humans. Thousands of athletes (STRAVA) do sports activities with their dogs.
They are actively present in many activity log posts on Strava, which has ignored them until now.
Dogs are present in ALL media (youtube, tiktok, X, facebook, ...) and in addition to being important members of families, they are often inseparable companions in physical activities.
They are gaining more and more space in the media and in the ecommerce world.
The activity with the dog is different and exists as a sport, with teams, organizations, associations and federations. National championships are promoted in several countries around the world, in addition to the world championships organized for many years.
On Strava, there are many athletes who do activities (running or cycling) with their dogs, but Strava has not yet seen this potential to be explored, giving them the possibility of properly recording their training. Just like in an activity, we specify the shoes or bicycle with which we practice the activity, not only could there be the activity canicross or bikejoring, but it could also be possible to enter the dog's name in "details".start.jpgstart3.jpgstart2.jpgCanicross_4.jpgBIKE.jpg

I'm from Brazil, translation into Portuguese follows:

Os cães, mais que outros seres, estão presentes nas vidas diarias dos humanos. Milhares de atletas (STRAVA) fazem atividade esportiva com seus cães.
Estão presentes de forma ativa em muitas postagens de registro de atividades no Strava, que os ignorou até agora.
Os cães estão presentes em TODAS as midias (youtube, tiktok, X, facebook, ...) e além de integrantes importantes de familias, são muitas das vezes companheiros inseparavies em atividades fisicas.
Ganham cada vez mais espaço nas midias e no mundo ecomerce.
A atividade com o cão, é diferenciada e existe como esporte, tendo equipes, organizações, associações e federações. Campeonatos nacionais são promovidos em diversos paises do mundo, além dos mundiais organizados a muitos anos.
No Strava, existem muitos atletas que fazem atividade (correr ou bicicleta) com seus cães mas o Strava ainda não enxergou esse potencial a ser explorado, dando a estes a possibilidade de registrar seus treinos devidamente. Assim como numa atividade, especificamos o tênis ou bicicleta com que praticamos a atividade, poderia não somente ter a atividade canicross ou bikejoring, como também ser possível inserir o nome do cão em "detalhes".


Support physical activity 🤝 with the dog, and help with the request for Strava to create the dogrun / canicross / bikejoring activity. Open and give your KUDO👍. Thanks

Apoie a atividade fisica  com o cão, e ajude no pedido para o Strava criar a atividade dogrun 🐶 / canicross 🐩 / bikejoring 🐕. Abra e dê o seu KUDO. Obrigado

Mt. Kenya

Très bonne idée !!!


in response to post Dom (10/01/2023), adding a dog TAG to the training DOES NOT SOLVE because it continues to add to the km totals, adding to the clubs you are part of or segments with the same activity. If you still just want to filter the activities with your dogs, you can create the shoes with the names of the dogs you have, and in each training specify which shoe (dog) you trained with, so you can later filter the km for each dog.

Mt. Kenya

Canicross! Its time already…

Mt. Kenya

I also would have catégories for dog sports.

I'm practicing dog sports (cani-cross, bikejoering, skijoring, ...) and of course : yes, most of the time, we go faster with a dog. 

No, we don't lose time with a dog because he wants to pee or smell something : we're not on a walk, the dog is in working condition, so if it's a 10km race : the dog won't need to pee during these 10km and be focus.

Of course non-trained dogs can be slower than their humans, can be unfocused, etc .. but most of the time it really helps. For example, on 1km I think I can do 3:30mn/km alone. With the dog, easily 3:00mn/km

On 5km, alone I can maybe run between 5:00/km and 4:45mn/km alone, easily under 4:00mn/km with a dog.

For personal statistics, it would be great to be able to look easily into our "Without" dog activities and have dedicated activities with dogs.

When it tells me "It's your best race on 10km" and I was with my dog : no, it's not my new record 🤣

For other people using Strava without dog, it would be also good if they stop to report our activities everyday because we're running with dog and stealing their KOM 😁

Mt. Kenya

Please add Cani sport activities.