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Status: Gathering Kudos

When recording a run, allow display of the live run pace (min/km or min/mile) and average run pace across the whole activity. 

As a Strava Subscriber, I can only see the average pace within a split (mile or km). This is very strange because:

  • Free athletes can view the total average pace while Strava Subscribers cannot. This is actually much more useful to know if you are on track to meet a target time in a race.
  • You can view speed in km/h or mph by recording as a ride first show here ( which is easy to convert into running pace from a programming perspective, but very difficult to convert to the more common running pace during a race.
  • You cannot gauge your pace during intervals shorter than a single split - live run pace would allow me to see how fast I am for 200m, 300m, 400m intense intervals for example.

These features are used in other apps (e.g Withings Health Mate), and would be easy to implement, and very useful here.


Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea to display both the live pace and the average pace on the activity recording screen. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Mt. Kenya

I don't use the Strava App when running because the Apple fitness App does a better job. It's like Strava developers hate Apple. My guess is they own garmin


It would be very useful to see the live average speed while recording a ride on the mobile and Apple watch apps. 

The average speed is currently only displayed while the live ride is paused or at the end of the ride. 

I often use the Apple activity app to record rides because it shows my average speed at all times. 


I have used the under armor map my ride app and the specialized app for years. Both of them show average speed and actual speed at all times. I am constantly checking the screen to see if my current speed is improving my average or not. It was suggested to me to try the Strava app and the fact that you don’t show both on the display is laughable. Not sure where I go to vote on this, but I let my comment speak for itself.

Mt. Kenya

do we have the result of this voting yet? And when are we getting the update? 

Mt. Kenya

Strava would be so much more useful to me as a runner if the statistics it produced were more fine grained.  As mentioned in the original post, a live run pace would be ideal.

The thing is, I don't run on a track. Out in the real world, the terrain is constantly changing. Uphill here, downhill there.

While running, Strava gives me 1/2 mile reports. That's sort of okay, except that in that time, I may have run up one hill and down another. Reporting at least 1/4 mile intervals would be more useful. I'd also love to get real time information on cadence and not have to see it after-the-fact on the results. I'm wearing headphones... if the app told me my cadence I could adjust. (again, something more frequent than 1/2 mile intervals because so much changes in a half mile)

Looking at your website I can see that you analyze my performance on 1 mile intervals. Same problem only worse...

I have a particular route that I run that is 1/4 mile up, 1/4 mile down. I run that loop twice for every mile. So when I see 1 mile statistics, I have no idea what my pacing looks like running up hill, I only know what it looks like for two loops up and down.  

So live pacing, or at least more fine grained reporting.  Please and thank you.

Mt. Kenya

Please do.

Had to cancel my subscription to get back to the display system free users can enjoy and we paying athletes can't

Mt. Kenya

It strikes me as incredibly odd that a subscription would remove such a vital feature. There must be a way to allow the user to toggle between the two. I just received a free 30 day subscription, and I can't wait for it to end so I can return to having average pace in the free version. Until the average/current pace ability is sorted out, this free subscription, unfortunately, is serving as anti-advertising...

Mt. Kenya

This has been tremendously annoying for me, to the extent that I started looking for alternative apps! The app turned into a total junk after subscribing to the “premium” version!