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Status: Archived

Displaying additional metrics such as muscle oxygen or core temperature that are stored in standard Garmin FIT fields would be a useful addition.

The ability to graph (or at least report) the contents of custom/developer fields would be an added bonus this would open up the use of Strava for a lot of research/experimental uses. (e.g. I'm recording blood sugar in a developer field)

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Mt. Kenya

Hey ivor,

Thank you so much for raising this topic! This is Marcel from CORE and I would give this a thousand Kudos to be implemented. It would be very attractive to display core body temperature along with the other metrics. Core Body Temperature is either recorded as "core_temperature" developer fields or as official FIT field (FIT id = 139). 

Currently I see that this is just scraped when an activity is uploaded to Strava, which is a pity.

I would love to see this feature in the future.

Thank you!

Mt. Kenya

I am also following this thread as I think are many others! Can you guys please add Core body temperature stats to Strava? It's crazy the so far, other than speed, elevation and KM the only other stats shown are HR power and cadence. Cycling has evolved to include so much more than that!

Status changed to: Archived
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Hello. We wanted to let you know that your idea submission from Aug. 2022 regarding Display additional .FIT metrics has received little support from the Community and will not be added to our Product Roadmap in the foreseeable future.  The idea submission will be archived.  

Please note that your feedback is valuable to Strava. As stated in our Community Idea Guidelines, we receive many idea submissions each week, and realistically, there may be various reasons that prevent us from including an idea on our Product Roadmap.  

We want to thank you for taking the time to submit your idea and we look forward to your continued contributions to the Strava Community. 

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STRAVA | Community Hub Team