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Status: Delivered

I suggest that Strava have a page/place where we can see all our efforts for those distances:

5km; 10km; 15km; 21km; 42km (running)

20km; 50km; 100km; 150km; 200km (cycling)

When we run 15km in a good pace, for example, strava shows that is our best 15k mark, or 2nd or 3rd.

But when we runk 15km in a slow pace we do not know whick position that mark is.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

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Mt. Kenya

Add pr section in profile

I know when you do a run it tells you if you got a pr and how fast it was which is very convenient but I've always wanted to see all my prs in one spot like on a section in the profile or even make a setting ti display them on your profile. If it got added to a section it would also be helpful if it was a list for every distance saying your best times, what run, and when it was. This could help those who want to analyze and compare their prs to others an easy way to do so. Now we all know sometimes they may not be right, but when they are they are fun to look at.

Add pr showcasing section in the bio or profile area

Additionally, it'd be helpful for others to display them if they wanted to to show if they are around your speed or not because I have met a lot of runners and friends through looking at people's profiles and seeing their times in their bio. Then if its close to mine during races I'll look for them and try to talk with them after. Overall, I think it could be very beneficial and simple if it was its own section on the profile. Thanks for letting me suggest this.

Mt. Kenya

Right now we can see our PRs/PBs in the profile. But life of an athlete is not only about the one very best time in their entire career, it's about the process and progress. Could you kindly add some kind of history/progress page where you could find all of the PBs that you have registered (with an option to hide records), and the PBs of the year. Also sometimes you recover and even in the same year the time in a race that is not a PB is an indication of a well shape and good recovery, as well as progressing over the year. 

In my situation I made a Personal Best (20:55 5k) in April 2022 and from that day on, I was just doing worse and worse. I made a very similar time (21:08) in September and I was upset of seeing regress over the entire year. I was upset, because I didn't made it to 20:00, but instead I did worse than a half year before. It took me months until I realized that at least I kept the form and that is a good thing.

I wish there would be a page in Strava, designed to tell me just that. And I don't mean telling me "hey, you are awesome, you walked 0,2km this month, well done" no matter what I do. I mean the functionality that tells the truth. And for the discouraged athlete with too ambitious goals, if he trains intensively, true data will be enough to make him feel better, because with training there is always progress, just not that huge as we wish it would.

So maybe only the list of good times and PBs stamps, or maybe together with some graphical interpretation. Maybe additionally a combination of different distances to show the progress when you always run the other distance race. Something to show me where I am. 

Pico de Orizaba

There are a few posts about PRs people believe they’ll never beat and resetting PRs (age and injury are mentioned).

The algorithm is in the Strava programming to spot best estimated time for a distance (e.g. a 5k PR) so would it be possible to report the best (say) 1k, mile, 5k, 10k for each run (etc etc for longer runs) (+/- GAP). It’s then a short leap to a graph that shows trends over time intervals.

if I’m never going to get a new PR I’d still love to see the trends for each run. I love this visualisation for segments I do frequently, and trends for running this route. The same for distance, irrespective of location would be a nice module to dip into and might be more relevant to a training program?

Season’s greetings to everyone at Strava and on the forum!

Pico de Orizaba

Thinking about this, and obviously the date (2nd January) is part of the thought process, how about having a best this year report?

There are posts elsewhere about resetting PBs but if a PB page had a “this year” or “by year” option you’d be able to get a PB boost much more often.

I still harbour a hope I can beat my 5k PB but really no idea how close or far away I am, which seems like an omission from the Strava data arsenal (when “that one time” you ran a segment in another country is recorded forever).



So Strava lists the fastest time (be it PB/PR, second, third, etc) after every race, workout. But you don’t see where the other times are listed. I suggest that when you click on say for instance, ‘Third fastest time’ you get to see the first and second fastest times with an overall your top 5 fastest times and links to where it was achieved 


Yes. Good idea

Top 5 or more fastest times

Mt. Kenya

Please can you make it possible to see your timed distance results for each run. For example you run a half marathon and Strava shows you your best 1k, 1mile, 5k, 10k, etc during that activity and also shows you how this compares to other runs. Just like seeing your segment times and how they compare. Why can’t you do this for distances? From what I can see you can only see your distance times if you get a top 3 pb

Mt. Kenya

It would be nice to be able to see a table of "Best Efforts" rather than just the single fastest over a distance on the profile page. It would be nice to see my 10 fastest 5k efforts with date/time and maybe a link to the specific activity entry all in the same table. 

Seems like there is broader appetite for this and people are turning to external tools to get it:

Pico de Orizaba

I agree, they could do something similar to cyclings power curve but with running with a link to the activity that the best effort was made in. Even just a list of predetermined distances or speeds would be excellent.


Since ultra distance running is more and more popular it will be great to show longer distance in the Estimated Best Efforts part.

It makes no sense to stop at marathon especially since longer distances are shown only if they have been runned.

It will take approximately 2 minutes to deploy for web devs...




Fully agree too and adding longer distance like 100k and 100 miles in the Best Efforts table while we're at it.

Mt. Kenya

At present you only get a mention if your 5k time is in the top 3 you have ever run. What I would like is a list of my own top 10 (or all) 5k times I have ever run, even if my distance was more than 5k.

Strava would just pluck the fastest 5k part of any run (if you ran that far) and then create a list for your own fastest 5ks.

Could also make it available for 2k, 10k etc

Could also do this for cycling

Would be useful!

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Thank you @runningleo  for taking the time to submit this idea. The status has been changed to Under Consideration which means:

Aligns with our current initiatives and is being discussed by our product team.

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Mt. Kenya

I would really like it if your 5k and 10k times were displayed as part of all runs over all distances, rather than just when you achieve a personal record over any distance.

So for example, if you went out on a 10 mile run, in the analysis section it would display the time it took you to cover 5k, 10k and 15k over this distance.

This would really help with monitoring progress over time and assessing how well you maintained pace I feel