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Status: Gathering Kudos

I think the default Strava maps should have indications of the direction of travel. This is important for overlapping/intersecting routes, and especially loops. It would be particularly helpful for shared routes, where you may have no idea which way to go. But also good when looking at others maps (e.g. did they go up or down that section of the hill?).

Many other mapping solutions have this inbuilt and it can be unobtrusive. For example, AllTrails does this well. See image, you can clearly tell that the trail goes north, not south because of the little chevrons/arrows.


Perhaps this could be optional, but I don't see why anyone would want to hide the direction of travel if they are sharing their map already.

While you're at it, adding mile/km markers (optional setting) would be very helpful, paricularly on Route maps when you are trying to plan out when to refuel, etc.


I always find myself hovering the pace/speed curve to find the direction of travel, so this change would be great. And since Strava offers at least one map type that splits the route into colored sections (Pride), the same logic should already exist to add those little arrows.

The arrows that AllTrails provides are discreet and unobtrusive; I frankly see no reason to add an option to hide them if implemented the same way. Should be pretty straightforward, in my opinion.

As for distance markers, make sure you vote on this existing idea.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.
We do have directional arrows on suggested and saved routes, but I hear your suggestion to expand that and implement it for shared routes and on other people's activity maps.

Directional arrows shown in saved routeDirectional arrows shown in saved route


I’d like to see direction of travel on the maps of my personal private rides. Basically, this feature should be on all maps. I have several frequently repeated rides that I vary by changing the direction of travel and I’d like to see that direction easily on my mapped rides. 

Mt. Kenya

One thing to consider is how this would work when it comes to "there and back" runs- if you are running back and forth between point A and point B, say 5 times, then how would these arrows be displayed? 

I think the Nike run app overcame this issue with a feature which allows you to trace through the map of your run by dragging your finger from left to right across the pace chart. As you dragged your finger, you would see an icon trace your route, which would inform you which direction you were running in. 

Just an idea which I'm sure has been mentioned before.


@er The functionality you mention from Nike already exists in Strava.

What we’re asking works perfectly fine on both loops and out-and-back activities. Screenshots from the out-and-back section of one of my AllTrails activities. Zoomed out:

Screenshot 2023-07-22 at 10.22.34.png

Zoomed in:

Screenshot 2023-07-22 at 10.22.50.png

Mt. Kenya

@zecanard The screenshot is helpful, thank you for posting.

As for the comparable map-tracing functionality, I am unaware this exists in Strava. I will look into it. 

Mt. Kenya

I cycle many circular routes and sometimes vary by cycling the same (circular) route in a different direction.

When I post/upload my route I’d love to see some indication of direction on my track.

Mt. Kenya

 When looking at someone’s route taken, where the route crosses it is not always possible to see which way they have gone. Could you either put arrows on showing direction, as you have added in routes you can access when planing a route or show a distinction between the lines either by a line as you might have with a bridge on a standard road map or by colour grading. Thanks. Steve.

Mt. Kenya

Yep. Good idea. Cycling around d my local town and have set the route but not sure which way to travel as many bits overlap. J