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Status: Gathering Kudos

There needs to be an update of various levels for climbing (as has previously been done with distance challenges) in the cycling monthly challenges as 7,500m can be done without any real effort depending on your location. 


For some reason a lot of challenges were removed.

Such as biking a distance of 1600K/1250K/800K

Running a distance of 200K/300K

Walking a distance of 50K/100K

I really don't understand why all of these challenges are gone and just keep getting replaced with smaller and smaller distances.

If people do not want to join the longer distance challenges then they're not forced to.

Please bring back the other challenges.


I have noticed that you can no longer comment on any of the current and future challenges in Strava, probably because everyone was complaining of the changes.

It does not make sense as to why Strava can't just bring back the former challenges or implement the easy changes (like removing walking from running challenges) that the majority of the people are asking for.

It's not because it's a minority of people wanting this (clearly the majority want a change), it's not because of a money issue (people are starting to cancel their memberships and nobody seems to care), It's not because it's hard to implement (it already existed before), it's not because theres no space for these challenges. The people who sign up to use this app do so to get in shape or improve etc.

So what is it then? Do you want to discourage people from being more active and healthy? Do you get some fetish from trolling the people here? You want to sabotage your own company? This doesn't make any sense.




Strava wants to cater to and be inclusive towards the ABSOLUTE lowest common denominator. However as we have experienced World wide, being inclusive really just means excluding a certain group of people. 

Mt. Kenya

Can the running challenges please be returned to strava? I can only see maximum 100k one every month and not 200k or 300k


@Alastair_S1D  The very simple challenges which now exist can stay but why remove the other challenges?

Why not leave them there to exist for the people who liked to join them?

I want to know the reason why they were removed and why it is taking so long (if it will even happen) to bring them back. Does this need to go to congress with some unanimous vote that will take years to implement?

Why "cater" to people who like simple challenges? Are the majority of the users people who only want simple challenges? Do these people get annoyed if harder challenges exist?

None of it makes sense and it just seems like we are discouraged from getting more fit.

And yes I know I can still do the same exercises and have the same goals but I bet you can admit that you are probably less likely to achieve that goal if you are used to completing the usual badge which you had done in the past and now it no longer exists.

For years I would finish the monthly 200K running challenge but never attempt the 300K. This year in January I was actually planning on trying it out for the first time only to see it no longer exists.


Mt. Kenya

Years back Strava had more of a range of running and cycling challenges with far more difficult asks. (the old Gran Fondo cycling climbing challenges spirng to mind).

As a regular runner and cyclist I now find the majority of the challenges are way too easy and are completed within the first or second week of the month. I'd like the option to sign up to much more challenging challenges such as:

Climb Everest (8,800m) in a week 

Run 200 miles in a month 

Cycle 400 miles in a month

Run a 50k in one activity

Run a marathon/half marathon in less than ...


Keep the regular challenges (which are fun) but Strava should also look to make challenges that aren't aimed at beginers and aimed at ultra-runners, marathon runners, experienced cyclists and experinced sports people etc. 



Mt. Kenya

Let's make some more running elevation challenges. I think 2000m is easily achieved for most trail runners these days. Imagine having 2k, 5k and 10k of vert. This would line up quite well with 100km, 200km and 300km running months, especially if your a trail runner.

This would be sick 🤙



Mt. Kenya

We have a lot of of ideas, but I hope Strava will take action soon. The community has been clear the current challenges are not challenging enough. It would be nice to see the old challenges return, even if new challenges are also added. Responding to be user feedback would also be helpful in feeling like these messages are being considered. I know Strava Camp just happend so I am hoping to see change in the near future.