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Status: Gathering Kudos

There needs to be an update of various levels for climbing (as has previously been done with distance challenges) in the cycling monthly challenges as 7,500m can be done without any real effort depending on your location. 

Mt. Kenya

I came to say the same. The walking challenges need to be more varied with longer distances to aim for. Why has 50km gone down to 30km? Why not have both and aim for longer too. 75km or 100km at least. 

Mt. Kenya

Interesting that so many of us feelt he same way and yet the most recent change has been to reduce the 50km to 30km and nothing added or increased. Annoying and not v responsive to feedback. 

Mt. Kenya

Seeing this and being disappointed that it changed from 50 to 30 recently. There goes my 2023 streak..

Mt. Kenya

Yeah, it really sucks. My new years goal for 2023 was to walk 50 Km a month. I was at a 10 month streak and now it’s ruined. I asked customer support why, and they said they couldn’t disclose that information and just to comment on this thread… what a joke. I’ll never buy Strava premium because they don’t consider customer input.

Mt. Kenya

Yes, I was told to comment here. Only to read that these comments go back months and no improvements or responses 

Mt. Kenya

This still bugs me today, 600 never achievable, 400 gave me enough ummmmph to get there. 

Mt. Kenya

December 2023 walking challenge is only 30km again! When will Strava take note of what people want, how hard is it to get more than one walking challenge. Please Strava can we have some action and respond.

Moderator Moderator

For those who would like to see other distance challenges, we appreciate you letting us know that you would like to see additional challenge distances. We will share your feedback with our team.

Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

There's a 200 and 600. What really needs to happen is to reinstate the happy medium of 400 km challenge. I'd suggest it but can't figure out how to add the required label to my suggestion. So I'm commenting here.

Mt. Kenya

Second this. Just realised challenges have been further reduced. 100k run challenge now includes walking. Can't find any 200k or 300k challenges as previous. Last month saw the workout challenge shift to include all sports rather than standard workout, weightlifting yoga etc.

Why the change? Challenges were far better when they were actually challenging...

Mt. Kenya

Hi, I cannot find the Run 200K Challenge anymore. Found it very motivating.

Mt. Kenya

Hi, does anybody on here miss the 200km and 300km running distance challenges? I sure do! Please bring hem back Strava!

Mt. Kenya

I used to love joining the monthly 200km and 300km running distance challenges, but I notice that they are no longer around in 2024. Please can you bring them back Strava? Cheers!

Mt. Kenya

I would go as far as clearly stating that indoor training aren't rides. Only outdoor rides should be considered for a given type of challenge. If wanting to be inclusive of such rides, create specific challenges for them in a separate category (name it indoor and place it in the same level as "Run" "Ride" etc.).

As for the topic clearly a single challenge for climbing is not enough. Moreover, Strava just erased the third step of distance this year (the 1250km) which I find VERY frustrating.

Since there should be 3 challenges for distance: I think 400, 800 and 1500 would be most appropriate, I think 2500m, 5000m and 10000m would be good tiers for elevation challenge.

Strava has been lowering the values (in 2024 the climbing challenge has been down to 7000m). I can only interpret as trying to be inclusive. But doing so at the expense of lowering the thresholds is, in my opinion, not the best option. if you want to be inclusive create more challenges, don't make the current ones easier.

More than segments, for me challenges are the main motivation in Strava. I am not pursuing any KOMs, I just want to have fun riding, log the rides, and use distance and elevation as motivation fuel.

Mt. Kenya

In 2024 Strava performed some changes on the challenges. One of them was the elimination of the 1250km distance monthly challenge.

I believe this is a bad move. There are several riders that make more than 2000km a month, I do not understand this decision.

Moreover, Strava seems to try to be inclusive by lowering the challenges. The only climbing challenge has been down form 7500m to 7000m. I still remember when the Granfondo was 150km on some months. 


- tree tiers on all major challenges: climbing, distance and single ride distance

- Suggestions for them:

   - climbing: 2000m, 4000m, 10000m

   - distance: 300km, 800km, 1600km

   - single ride distance: minifondo: 80km, mediofondo: 125k, Granfondo: 160k (equivalent to a century)

Another suggestion: stop calling indoor as rides, they are not. Create a separate subject on challenges (same level as the existing Run, Ride, etc) for the indoor rides. Mimic the same distance, climbing and adjust the single workout distance accordingly.

Inclusion yes, but not by lowering the challenge or calling indoor something that is not.