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Status: Gathering Kudos

There needs to be an update of various levels for climbing (as has previously been done with distance challenges) in the cycling monthly challenges as 7,500m can be done without any real effort depending on your location. 

Pico de Orizaba

no one cares about these obviosly


People used to. It’s sad to see. I agree with OP

Mt. Kenya

Plus one to missing the 200km and 300km running challenges.  Why were they removed? 😞

Mt. Kenya


The 200km and 300km challenges have been removed fir some reason.  I set my own goals but it was really useful to have these monthly challenges set by strava. Please can these be reintroduced? I would also like to see longer challenges of 400km and 500km each month to be introduced. 

Thanks Will 

Pico de Orizaba

@Jane i think I just comment on the wrong idea a moment ago, apologies.  

When will you have an update for us please?

The changes have been an almost universal disaster.  The radio silence is frustrating and for me at least makes me feel like this community is pointless.  

I think it seems obvious now in hindsight, but perhaps what should have happened is for a new walk/run challenge to have been added without the loss of single activity challenges.  

What has happened has happened.  The important thing now is how Strava reacts to it.  There is clearly time to implement a change for March.  

Mt. Kenya

Strava challenges are my thing my gold with cycling. I have not missed the 1250km distance challenge in over 2 years I'm so pissed off it's missing now. I will complete the 1250km for February if there's no challenge badge at the end back in place. there be no subscription either. Put all that effort into keeping a streak going to have it pulled from underneath me.

Mt. Kenya

Please kindly consider a Marathon badge for each month.

Please bring back the running challenge's for distances greater than 100k. Is there a way to view only your running distances in these badges too? I note that walks are included in activities that count towards the challenge, but it would be helpful to view only running activities that contribute to your total. Thanks 

Mt. Kenya

These had tons of participation in previous years, but they appear to be gone. Why?


The Community Hub is impossible to navigate. This place is a mess. This Strava Community Hub seems pretty useless if Strava staff aren't already reading the comments in the various challenges and doing what your users are asking you to do. Some of us pay for this app. Stop "fixing" stuff that is not broken. I'm sure paying users have already left during the past couple of months because of this nonsense. Take a break from your workstation. Go for a walk / run / ride / ski / whatever it is you like to do when you're not writing code, and then come back and start paying attention.   

Mt. Kenya

March challenges are up and no 200k/300k. Any response from any of the mods on here? Feels like a waste of time even having the community hub. 

Pico de Orizaba


Someone else wrote this, and I can’t put it better myself:

“You have defined walks as a different activity than runs, so they should not be combined for a challenged under the title of one specific activity.  You had a whopping total of 6 (yes, six) people support the idea of adding walks to runs.  You have had multiple times that number of separate threads (not to mention support of each thread) requesting you go back to separate challenges.  Can you provide even a simple explanation as to why you are continuing this?”

For context with the 6 people that wanted runs and walks merged, there are 3,200 in a group on Strava asking for it to be reversed.  

it might be embarrassing for you, but the sooner you admit the mistake and correct it, the better 


Exactly! Shambles.

thanks Strava - another lost runner. Congratulations 

Pico de Orizaba

@AdamBowman @MattBrewis @RobertoElGringo @RobertoElGringo @thigham @everyone

suggest we all email:








have no faith that anything posted here will ever be seen by someone that can actually do anything about it 

Mt. Kenya

@dangreen17 I was unaware of this community hub but I emailed Strava Support last week about why they’d removed the 1250km challenge. I have now received a reply telling me that this “idea” has been raised here so someone knows about it. I didn’t get an answer as to WHY it has been removed though; I wonder if I’ll remember this when my subscription is up for renewal?


Is this a joke? 

Strava is a joke.PNG

10 minutes for 10 days? Strava can't even make challenges that meet the minimum level of exercise required to keep a human in even good enough shape to be healthy. Depending on what you read and where you read it you should have anywhere from 150m to 300m of moderate exercise per week. Well if we go for the lowest figure of 150 that's about 21m a day. 10 days of 10m is 100minutes for the MONTH. This isn't a challenge it is an insult, even to unfit people that are just starting out.