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Mt. Kenya
Status: New Idea

While editing a Route in the Route creator, it would be great to have a "click" (or "right-click") menu choice to show Google Street View at that point.  This could open a new webpage with google street view or ideally could open a frame/sub-window for real-time viewing.

the alternative and currently tedious approach today is to manually find the same part of the map with Google maps and manually view the Street View for that part of the road.

This would be very useful to check, for example, if the current planned route has a bicycle lane on a particular road.

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Mt. Kenya

I can see this has been brought upon several occasions but never implemented, its the one feature that I really, really wish Strava would consider!!
Almost everyone building a route, be it for cycling or running, is now used to cross referencing with google maps, which is time consuming and awkward. 
Eventually someone will use a road that strava route builder suggests only to have an incident after finding out it's way too dangerous. Although there was no incident, this exact situation happened to me in Costa Rica where there was no street view, but I was recommended a crazy highway!

Why cant Strava be like RWGPS and others, and simple integrate it? We pay quite a lot of money for the subscription and it seems strange that we still dont have this feature. 

If its not going to happen, could Strava at least explain why??