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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Archived

Hi Strava, you have just introduced a partnership with Fi collar to record dog activities, but why not review the idea of introducing CaniSports activities which we have been asking for. We the CaniSports community have been asking for you to add a dog assisted category, so that our growing community can compare our efforts with other like minded dog enthusiasts. 
please consider adding CaniCross, CaniBike and CaniScoot to the activities. Nothing more than what can be recorded for someone going for a run or bike, but assisted by the dog and get the non canine athletes off our backs when we score a POM 

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Status changed to: Archived
Moderator Moderator

Hello @Simon 

Thanks for posting.  We appreciate your enthusiasm for CaniSports on Strava.

We'll be archiving this post since the idea has already been submitted and is gathering support here

This helps us gather feedback on a particular feature in one central location which makes it easier for our Product Teams to review.  It also prevents votes/kudos from being split across multiple, similar ideas, which reduces the visibility of the core topic.If you have additional comments on the idea, we encourage you to add them to that original post.

Thanks again.


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team