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Mt. Kenya

My strava feed has turned into the "creepy dude at the gym" feed.

Mt. Kenya

LOL, yep.

Mt. Kenya

I was going to suggest this same thing and then found it was already here, thank goodness. People that I like and want to keep following (and not mute) are just putting up too many activities from sledding to shoveling snow. I don't want my feed to be cluttered up with all of these things. I don't want to see if someone lifted weights or played hockey. And though I ride indoors all winter, I don't need to see those either. We already have activity type logged. It would be awesome if we could dial in our feed to only show whatever activity types we care about. Thanks!!

Mt. Kenya

Hello, if you are interested in only one kind of activity , it should be possible to sort the activity feed by activity, ex running and treadmill or cycling.

I se that strava allready has similar functionality in the training log, her you may sort on activity, i would love this function in activity feed



Mt. Kenya

The problem of Strava Spam is clearly articulated already so just want to add my votes/suggestions to amplify what others are saying:

1. Have a "Filter out all Zwift" toggle from activity feed.

2. Have a "Filter by Activity Type" to allow users to focus on the sports they care about.

3. Have a "Filter by Distance" so only "legit" rides, runs, ski sessions appear. Everyone should have their own threshold for this.

4. Filter anything about earning awards or medals, some of us don't care about them.

5. Have a "Filter out Commute" activity.  

Mt. Kenya

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds getting their Strava feed cluttered with more and more 'unwelcome' activities - and gets annoyed with it! I'd just like to see the sports that I do myself/am interested in, such as cycling, running and hiking. I'm so not intereted in somebody doing squats in the gym, walking their dog for half a mile, yoga sessions etc. etc. Also the virtual rides have totally flooded my feed, esp. when it's cold/wet outside. Hats off to the Zwift riders, but it's not for me, and I'm not interested in those rides. As people in this feed already commented, a filtering function would be greatly appreciated by MANY athletes - Strava is simply getting TOO CLUTTERED! (Ok, that's my rant over).

Mt. Kenya

I joined strava as a cycling aid, but now can barely find an outdoor cycle for the number of walks, Zwift rides, gym sessions, yoga etc.   these are all winter activities of people I want to follow for their outdoor cycling.  How can I blank out activities I have absolutely no interest in?


What is the most annoying are those generic pictures from Zwift. Why should I keep seeing them in my feed? 

Pico de Orizaba

This topic comes up among my cycling friends; Many of us are only interested in the sports we participate in, and not interested in the many other sports Strava has added.  Similarly, I see people post things like "walk to the mailbox" "mowing my lawn" "a 1 or 2 mile warmup ride on Zwift", etc. which many of us find ridiculous.  We now have a term for these activities which we call Polluting our Strava Feed.  How can we self-select what we want to appear in our feeds, whether by specific sports, or otherwise?

Richard Forzani

What is the most annoying thing to me is that while the feed is polluted by numerous stock pictures from Peloton and Zwift, I can't see the information that really matters because Strava shows only 2 or 3 data metrics for each activity. Often I don't even see the overall pace or the overall time when someone does a long run with a lot of elevation gain. 


I had to post again because it seems Strava aren’t responding to something that is becoming critical to the success of Strava IMO. 

I no longer look at the feed to see what my friends are doing. There are just too many irrelevant (to me) activities to sift through. Remember when Facebook used to be interesting!, but now it’s full of useless updates of people’s lives. Strava has become the new Facebook.

If it wasn’t for the KOMs I would cancel my Strava subscription immediately.  I want the old days back when I would look at the feed and see epic bike rides, tough runs, etc… Now all I see is 50 Zwift rides, 20 Pilates sessions, dog walking, weight sessions, and stretching!!!
PLEASE STRAVA - LET US FILTER THE ACTIVITY FEED. It’s such a simple software fix.  Do it before we get fed up and leave!

(Some acknowledgement from Strava would be nice too.)


Thanks to everyone who has added their vote and thoughts on this topic. We don't have an official update to share regarding the implementation of filtering/control of the Activity Feed at this time, however, we are working on noteworthy updates to the feed that include more control over what you want to see. Please know that your feedback and comments are constantly reviewed and we will provide updates as they become available.  

Thanks again for your contributions.

Mt. Kenya

I'd like a filter that allows me to limit what I see on my feed based on time: I wish I didn't see anything less than half an hour.

Mt. Kenya

Following on from aerialdans comments and others.

I understand Strava is a social network where athletes share their activity data and to connect athletes to what motivates them but there are some activities that have no data to share like weight training, yoga and walking your dog in the woods. This rubbish should be on other social site like Facebook.

I joined Strava as a cycling training tool and to find new cycling routes. I only follow people with similar interests. Also hunting for KOM segments which I can say is becoming a problem with the popularity of e bikes and scooters but that's for another time.

A filter would get rid of all the boring activities that people feel it's important to upload.  Maybe something in the display preferences section. A option to click on activities that you only want to see on your feed.

I hope Strava can take some time to help resolve this issue before people start leaving. 



Mt. Kenya

@MattS_bsb and @Richard I always forget to mute my "other" uploads. I track absolutely everything in Garmin, which means it all automatically gets shuffled over to strava also. I would love a strava setting to automatically "mute" certain types of activities coming from Garmin by default. That way I don't have to remember, I can still track all my stuff in Garmin and it would be visible on my strava page but not clutter up feeds. I would have it auto mute anything that isn't a ride or run.


This setting, coupled with being able to filter our feeds, would probably eliminate this issue entirely.