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Mt. Kenya

@ChrisBerry .. I think you have a good point but there is a couple reasons this isn't getting done other than lucrative deals.

1) It takes smart programming to create filters for everyone's feed.  It takes lots of testing and vetting and basically, resources ($$$).  This HAS to be part of it.  It is far easier and cheaper for Strava to not do anything, or certainly, it doesn't seem like it is a project.  I have contacted "Support" more than once and each time they reveal nothing.  Strava "management" supposedly monitors the "Community Hub" but .. who knows??? 😕

2) Processing time.  Just having our feeds "work" correctly without the filters can be a problem, eh?  I'm sure I'm not the only one that has to "wait" (tapping the fingers) for the current feed to work sometimes.  There are delays and sometimes big delays.   Now, imagine adding the potential "filters" processing time to your feed.  We're talking tripling (a guess) delay time.  This is something they calculate and another big reason nothing has been done.

Lastly what I'll say here is what I do.  I just simply MUTE those that post the drivil.  I once saw someone post "10 farts in 5 minutes"  I guess they were trying to be funny right.  I follow those I want.  I actually have good friends that post everything, including as was mentioned - walking to the mailbox!!  Well, I mute them.  But they are friends so I will occasionally check out their feed and kudo the big rides - better, if I ride with them that makes it easy. 






Mt. Kenya

Yes my plan for now is to start muting people, although this basically defeats the point of ever using the Mobile app. which is how I "sleuth" or "stalk" people for new routes, trail playlists, etc. while sitting on the couch or in the garage trying to get amped up for a ride.

I still use the browser via laptop for going deep with my personal stuff, looking at my ride heatmap, using their heat map for ideas, creating routes and yes I still care about segments but find myself caring about them less and less.

I just downloaded my ride data going back to August 8, 2011. I've been a premium subscriber since the day it was introduced, but am using my downloaded data to explore a new home for storing rides. 

FWIW, I did a bit or research and it looks like to date Strava has raised $180.43M in VC money. Their latest stage was a Series F in 2020 for $110.00M bringing their post valuation to $1.50B. As of 2024 they have just under 500 employees. That kind of money raised in that late of a round with that type of headcount tells me the last four years or so have likely pushed Strava into the lifestyle/motivation app. realm with much less externally-driven (ie backers) importance placed on catering to their core audience. 


I got a bit tired and created a small javascript hack to add filtering options to the page.

Copy below code, create a new bookmark and paste below code to the url field (replace <:> with : at the beginning). I can guarantee you that there's nothing fishy with this code, but you should always be suspicious when copying and pasting code like this.

Go to the strava dashboard and click the newly created bookmark and some options to filter should be visible on the right pane.


javascript<:>function getCookie(e){let t=document.cookie.split(";");for(keyvalue of t)if([k,v]=keyvalue.split("="),k.trim()==e)return new Set(v.split(","));return new Set}function setCookie(e,t){let s=[...t].join(",");document.cookie=e+"="+s}function genSelect(e,t,s,i){let n=document.createElement("div");n.classList.add("------packages-dashboard-ui-src-Dashboard-module__section--Tqcay"),t.insertBefore(n,t.firstChild);let o=document.createElement("select");for(node of("100%","100%",n.appendChild(o),o.multiple=!0,o.size=e.size,o.addEventListener("change",function(e){"sports"==s?filterBySport=setFilter(e):filterByName=setFilter(e),filterOut()}),e)){let r=document.createElement("option");r.selected=i.has(node),r.textContent=node,o.appendChild(r)}}function genSave(e){let t=document.createElement("div");t.classList.add("------packages-dashboard-ui-src-Dashboard-module__section--Tqcay"),e.insertBefore(t,rightPane.firstChild);let s=document.createElement("button");"100%",s.textContent="Save",s.addEventListener("click",function(){setCookie("sports",filterBySport),setCookie("names",filterByName)}),t.appendChild(s)}function setFilter(e){let t=new Set;for(opt of;return t}function filterOut(){for(div of(feed.innerHTML="",divs)){let e=0==filterByName.size||filterByName.has(,t=0==filterBySport.size||filterBySport.has(;e&&t&&feed.appendChild(div)}}const rightPane=document.getElementsByClassName("------packages-dashboard-ui-src-Dashboard-module__rightSidebar--cEYcm")[0],feed=document.getElementsByClassName("feed-ui")[0];let filterByName=getCookie("names"),filterBySport=getCookie("sports"),names=getCookie("names"),sports=getCookie("sports"),divs=[];for(node of feed.childNodes)if(void 0!=node.getElementsByTagName("title")[0]){let e=node.getElementsByTagName("a")[1].textContent,t=node.getElementsByTagName("title")[0].textContent;,,names.add(e),sports.add(t),divs.push(node)}sports=new Set([...sports].sort()),names=new Set([...names].sort()),genSelect(sports,rightPane,"sports",filterBySport),genSelect(names,rightPane,"names",filterByName),genSave(rightPane),filterOut();

Unfortunately, this only works in the web browser and not the app.

Also, it seems to break the auto reload when coming to the end of the dashboard.


@Jane - would be great to get an update on this feature request please? Could the team at least acknowledge it/maybe throw a few sketch designs up in terms of an MVP?

It's getting loads of momentum now. And when your customers are actually writing code to do it (see @Aleq's post earlier today) then it's getting a little awkward for the dev team. It's not changing the data model or asking for a workflow feature, it's just filtering data - would be great to get it on the roadmap for 2024.

Hope you don't mind me tagging you in this one - just saw you were the Moderator/Product Owner posting about the Display Milestone Efforts feature (which I like very much - thanks to the team!). 



As a little bit of back up of why this is important, it's because I now have around 300 folk I am following on Strava. It takes me 45 mins to go through my feed to give kudos. So I can only really do this now on a Saturday or Sunday. And it's a pain to do.

  1. 8k run - give kudos
  2. Zwift bike ride - scroll on
  3. 0.5km warm up to parkrun from car - scroll on
  4. 10k run race - give kudos and write nice comment
  5. 1.2km run to Greggs after parkrun - scroll on
  6. Zumba sesh - scroll on
  7. Morning yoga - scroll on
  8. Bilke ride to work - scroll on
  9. Parkrun pb - give kudos and write lovely comment
  10. 0.2km warm down run to car via toilet - scroll on
  11. etc...

So, please a set of feed filters:

  1. Type of activity (multiple select ideally - mvp single choice)
  2. Over certain distance (single choice)

For me personally, I'd set this as 'Runs only' and 'over 4.9k'


Stephen, you did exactly what they want you to do. You spent 45 minutes scrolling on their app. Kudos to you my man.

I wish Strava would just improve their algorithm engine. I'm pretty sure we would rather see certain types of activities FIRST and non-preferred activities LAST.. Of course, if they completely filter out the non-preferred activities, they may not have enough preferred activities to keep someone scrolling the timeline for a long time. And unfortunately, due to privacy and a certain fly-by incident that went viral a couple years ago, they wouldn't dare to fill our timeline with preferred activities of non-friends. 


I use to keep at least my own timeline "neat"
No manual interventions needed. And a great tool

Mt. Kenya

I don't see much if any advertising on the feed, so what is the purpose of keeping me scrolling? 

I can't believe there is no response form Strava on this thread WTF? 

I am pissed off at this point.


@rtbike11 the purpose of keeping you scrolling is to force you to look at all the activities on Zwift, Peloton, and others that have lucrative contracts with Strava that require those activities to appear in your feed. It doesn't matter what you want to see. Strava only cares about what they get paid to force you to look at. 

Mt. Kenya

I expect you're right that the purpose is to force us to look at all the activities on Zwift, Peloton etc that have lucrative contracts.  So, I've already cancelled my renewal next month and won't be re-subscribing unless filtering of the activity feed (and greater customisation in general) becomes possible.

A benefit of most apps that you opt to pay for is that they become 'ad free'; not the case here!

I'd even consider paying a 'premium fee', say +20%, if that provided the desired filtering/customisation.

Mt. Kenya

@ChrisBerry  the peloton images are the worst with the corny picture of the instructor, though I will give some kudos for a hard turbo session.  That being said how do you know about the relationships / contracts between Peloton and Zwift etc. that require those activities to be in the feed? 
For me those are not even the worst offenders, I would like to hide the weight lifting, yoga, walking the dog, alpine skiing, paddle boarding etc. all activities can't have a contract.


The partner and sponsored activity challenges are the advertisements. On my feed, after every 4-5 posts it shows that someone has signed up for or accomplished a challenge. It's intriguing that we sign up for these challenges which is essentially an agreement to be a literal walking/running/cycling billboard for the companies.



@ChrisBerry considering I am a paying user I don't think that I would have to see advertised content. They could make the filtering a paid feature like many of the other features they have.

Like many others in this thread, I will cancel my subscription until this feature gets added.

Mt. Kenya

This should happen but a big part of why we need this is because you cannot set privacy settings for specific activity types

Mt. Kenya

Due to the inability for me to filter what activities show up on my feed, I have cancelled my paid subscription to Strava. My "free" membership lacks a lot of the bells and whistles that I had grown accustomed to as a paid member. Additionally my feed is still cluttered with dog walks, yoga sessions, treadmill walks, etc. but I can take some consolation that I am not paying to see these activities. They are simply being heaped on me free of charge. I would resubscribe in a heartbeat if the ability to filter the types of events that are displayed on my feed were to become a paid subscriber option. Strava, are you listening?