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Mt. Kenya

An FYI to those that are tired of seeing insignificant activities on their feed. There are currently two options. Unfollow users that post useless (to you) activities. Or simply mute them. In both cases none of their activities will show up on your feed. I for one have defaulted all of my activities as viewable to Only Me. If an activity is exceptional I will change the privacy to Everyone. My effort to not be a part of the problem.

Mt. Kenya

I've actually been eagerly anticipating this feature for quite some time now. You see, my feed has become rather overwhelming with Virtual rides and various activities that I'm simply not interested in. I mean, there are posts about people who document every single row they swim as a separate activity, their dog walks, and even their warm-up and cool-down routines. It's gotten to the point where it takes me forever to catch up on what's happening, and unfortunately, all the clutter tends to obscure the truly great stuff I want to see. I'm seriously contemplating not checking out Strava anymore because it honestly eats up a big chunk of my day.

Mt. Kenya

Numerous activity records are uploaded to the activity feed.
Add tabs for cycling, running, hiking, swimming, and more
I want to see only one type each.

Mt. Kenya

Come on Strava team - this has 100 comments now and 200 kudos.

It's up there with most requested features and has more support than most of the ten items in this forum 'under consideration'.

Can you change the status from 'gathering kudos' to 'under consideration' then get it added in to the development roadmap?

It's not a huge feature to develop, will help with retention (share holders will be happy) and it will show you listen to this community.

Mt. Kenya

As it is open for more than 1 year with large community support, we may question is this is not a strategic hurdle to not implement that.
Still quite difficult to understand, being flooded by commuting or boring virtual indoor activities reduces the interest of giving kudos. In the end, people will give up with that and the social network part of Strava will vanish. It will become a personal activity tracker. 
Missed opportunity?

Mt. Kenya

Maybe we should bring this to the attention of a couple of the cycling magazines and social media channels that have a large following. 

Mt. Kenya

Within the "Health Settings" dialog, I'd like to have the ability to automatically upload activities based on the type of activity.

This is important to me since I like to record my workouts through Apple Health and want to upload my runs and hikes to Strava, but do not want to upload activities like short walks, yoga, or weight lifting. Currently, I have to remember to manually import each activity and not use automatic uploads since I don't want every activity on my feed. 

Mt. Kenya

100% agree with this. I never track my walks because I dont want them pushing automatically to strava.

Mt. Kenya

@Richard, there is an add-on that lets you automatically define activities starting and ending at set points as commutes, and you can filter commutes out of what activities are displayed to others.

I use Activityfix -

I believe some use a site called commutemarker, and there are others avilable.

Mt. Kenya

Please. I would really like to filter out people's indoor activities like weight lifting and virtual cycling, or their neighbourhood walks.

Mt. Kenya

PLEASE allow users to filter out zwift rides from their feed, im tired of seeing the same lame screen captures and people riding in the ocean.  During the winter months my feed is plagued with it.


Implementing an activity feed filter could be really simple or really hard. I would suggest doing something very simple for a first pass as this and then seeing how users react.

An implementation that just gave users the option to hide certain activity types from their feed and nothing more would suffice for this. A list of checkboxes, one for each activity type, mute or don't mute.

Give such a feature I would probably mute everyone's yoga and strength training activities as there's just isn't anything interesting about them.

Mt. Kenya

I guess we're all eagerly waiting for an update on this incredibly crucial topic. It's just soooo fascinating to have a short feed that gives us an overwhelming amount of Zwift activities. Who needs to actually venture outside and conquer the actual elements when we can shower people with kudos who truly deserve it? It's a real struggle to find those extraordinary individuals beating the elements who deserve our admiration amidst the sea of indoor cyclists.


There are times when I want to see everything, and times when I just want to see other types of activities, so I voted for this feature. I don't think I personally would always use it, but I imagine a lot of people would indeed use it. 

Mt. Kenya

Thank you @peacay for your message.  

I hope the Strava team adds this important feature for all (paid?) users to be able to filter their feed accordingly.

I think there have been many good suggestions/responses and I will add what I think is most important.

  1. Walks/yoga/weightlifting/rowing - I'm glad users can add this to their log, but I'd rather not see these.
  2. Bike rides below a certain distance or speed (which can be adjusted as we wish).
  3. Runs below a certain distance or speed.
  4. Kudos ought to be worth more in my opinion, by allowing filters automatically they will be worth more for those of us posting our stuff.

I appreciate Strava for having many good resources.  Adding filtering will make the experience far better for those of us RECEIVING kudos as well as giving them.