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Since adding "Velomobile" as a new category of riding, the utility of strava improved a lot for recumbend riders. Especially the velomobile only segments are great fun! But at the moment it is very hard to find interesting velomobile segments close to me. Here are two suggestions to improve this situation:

  • Apparently, on the "Segment search" site, you can only choose between "cycling" and "running", where "cycling" does not include velomobile segments. It would be great if this could be added.
  • Moreover, the "Segment Explore" site seems to only list segments with at least a certain number of people on the leader board. This threshold should also be lowered a lot for velomobile segments, since their leader boards are usually very short (1-15 riders).
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Status changed to: Archived

Hi @fritzb thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and feedback on finding velomobile segments. As of July 2023 we expanded the Segment Explore feature to include all Sport Types, but the Segment Search is still limited to Run/Ride segments, this is something we're aware of and hope to improve in the future.

Segment Explore will not show all segments. As stated in our help center article on the topic:

"Explore will show a sampling of segments in the given area based on many different factors. Zoom in, zoom out, or enter a location and Strava will show the most popular segments in that area. "

Additionally, segment search also filters segments so newer or less popular segments may not appear in search results.

There's a similar existing idea that you can vote/comment on if you wish:

We will be archiving this suggestion to keep the forums organized, ensure that suggestions are easy to find, and prevent votes from being divided across duplicate posts. Thank you once again for your contribution!