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Status: Gathering Kudos

When adding a component to a bike under My Gear it is necessary to select the component type from a drop down menu but many components don't match the default types. When this happens I select the closest match but each type can only have one active component so the chosen type is then unavailable for future additional components.

For example, last year the hub shell on my rear wheel was replaced. There is no type option for hub shell or even hub so I selected "Rear Wheel" as the component type. Last week I replaced the mudguard on my rear wheel. There is no mudguard component type and "Rear Wheel" is already spoken for so I have logged this against my "Front Wheel".

A simple solution would be to add a type called something like "Other" that can be used for multiple components. But maybe also reconsider the restriction that there can be only one of any type of component.

BTW, this is a similar idea to Manage multiple wheelsets in Strava Gear though my idea is more generic than just wheelsets and would be simpler to implement as it does not require linking components to more than one bike.

Mt. Kenya

The list of components that you can track on your bike is pretty extensive, and I find it really useful to track how many miles/months components like brake pads and chain have before replacing them. There's only one common/universal item missing that I can see - bar tape.

Other items that could be added include bottle cages, mudguards, lights etc but these are all "acessories" I guess - bar tape is something that literallly every dropbar bike has - maybe you could call it "bar tape/grips" to cover hybrids and MTBs too.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea to add "Other" as a component type for gear that isn't restricted to just one item. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Pico de Orizaba

Strongly agree! We need to be able to add second wheelset, anothe fork or shock..


At the moment it looks like the component list was created by a hiker 😂😂😂


Mt. Kenya

I'm all for this, as well. It's very common to upgrade different components over time and these limitations make tracking their useful life via this app quite difficult.

Mt. Kenya

Even better, would be great if the "other" category would allow the user to name the component themselves (i.e. to write in what the component is)

Mt. Kenya

I came here for bar tape...

Mt. Kenya

Another option would be to have someone who understands the interchangeable components and make the provided list more exhaustive.  Include wear and tear items - such as a bottom bracket or free hub - that get replaced over time (its good to be able to track miles use).

Mt. Kenya

Am amazed that handlebar tape isn’t one of the default choices. Being able to add wildcard options of our own could get unwieldy but bike packers would love to be able to see how many miles it takes to destroy a stem bag or pannier. 

Mt. Kenya

It would be great to add sealant as a component, the "other" category would suffice.

Mt. Kenya

Let's be honest a fair number of us using Strava are data geeks.

Many of us track out milage, elevation and so on in many ways and even buy into tools and services that build on strava's data through API access.

Cyclists in particular generally love their bikes and parts. It would be really good if we could add components to our bikes in the my gear section so we could see how long we have ridden for example with those new wheels, tyres, or track how many miles that chain has done.

This would be beneficial  and important as we could then see when things might become due for service and see what lasts and how long.