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Status: Archived

The goal feature may get more use if you can set goals privately and not just publicly.

I just set up my first goal however I deleted it immediately upon finding it public in the feed. I like the idea of setting goals on Strava but I am reluctant to set up goals if others can view them. My preference would be to only allow myself to view the goal.

Similar to having personal goals outside of Strava, you have the option to share your personal goals with others if you wish to.

Personally, I feel new and incomplete goals have no place in the activity feed.

Instead, in addition to publishing a new/incomplete goal directly to the activity feed (which is currently the default), perhaps an additional option to automatically publish to the activity feed upon the completion of the goal?

Below is an example of how I would use the settings if they were available:

Who can see this goal?

🞅 Everyone
Only me
🞅 Followers

Goal publish settings

Publish to activity feed now [disabled]
Publish to activity feed when the goal is complete

Hello @Beard-on-fixie thanks for sharing this. What kind of goal did you create?
Only web-created performance (segment/power) goals are public. Non-followers can only see these goals when viewing your profile page on the website, they will not appear in the feed on the mobile app. Progress (weekly/monthly/annual) goals are private.


Hi @Beard-on-fixie we haven’t heard back from you in almost 2 months and will be archiving this idea unless you update us within a week.

Status changed to: Archived

I stopped using segment goals 5 years ago when I discovered that every follower can see them. That was so embarassing when I set a goal 1 second better that the PR from a follower. In the old Strava forums the idea of  making segment goals private was a recurring request. Obviously that counts for nothing anymore and most of the requesters then have given up to repeat that wish the umpteens time.

Mt. Kenya

I fully support the idea/request to be able to keep goals private.