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Status: Gathering Kudos

Google utilizes the Health Connect application to store health data on devices, aggregating information from various applications like GoogleFit, Garmin, SamsungHealth, FitBit, and many others which write their data into Health Connect.
A notable exception is Strava, prompting the question: Why doesn't Strava write data into Health Connect? As a user, I would prefer not to sync my devices and apps individually, nor manage data across disparate applications. Instead, a unified framework where all data is consolidated and easy to track would be ideal.
Especially considering that Strava on iOS reads data from Apple Health, it seems logical to wonder why it doesn’t read from Health Connect on Android. This functionality could potentially elevate it to a major app among Android users, particularly since Android 14 comes with Health Connect as a default app. Just something to consider for your information (FYI).



Mt. Kenya

Really annoying that this still hasn't been implemented. 

Mt. Kenya

@Marya - what's the update? Last we heard from you was back in October 2023.


Sync with Health Connect is a must, going forward.

The sooner the better!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey everyone, 

Apologies for the delayed response. We currently don't have any new updates regarding Health Connect, but please note that this has been flagged again recently as a want to the relevant teams. Once more updates are available, they'll definitely be relayed here! 

Thank you again for your continued feedback and input!



Marya (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team
Mt. Kenya

I left Strava for Google fit a couple years ago. I do miss some of the features on Strava, but not enough to switch back. Health connect integration would get me back to the platform in some form



Mt. Kenya

This needs to be addressed ASAP. Trying to use Whoop as a sleep and fatigue tracker but certainly don't want to wear it during workouts. Let's get Strava connected! Don't starva us of features! 

Mt. Kenya

Seems like it should be an obvious feature that was released when android rolled it out

Mt. Kenya

Has it been confirmed that this is being worked on? If so, is there an ETA? 

Mt. Kenya

Hello, @Marya 

This story is a shame for an app pretending been at the fore front.

I ended buying an third part app to connect Strava to Google health Connect

It quite cheap (3 euros) and it works perfectly, your developpers may want to learn a few things from this guy.

Luc (paying customer)


It's a shame that this is not working already after nearly one year since the suggestion.😞
It makes me consider whether I should continue my premium membership.

Mt. Kenya

I'm not reviewing my premium and moving my data to another service, that actually provides value. Strava premium is awful value compared to other services. Strava are missing tons of features like health connect, 0 to x KM built-in trainers, support for Padel and much more. Simply not worth it, and this just shows how little they care, when it takes them this long to add health connect or even commit to it.

Mt. Kenya

Really slow on the pickup considering the large ecosystem that's being ignored 

Mt. Kenya

I uses to use google for. I prefer Steava i n part because it does not connect to Google

Mt. Kenya

Commenting in order to bump and really stress the importance of this, in order for this app to stay relevant on the platform it really needs to support the unified health interface that is Health Connect. As others have said it's a deal-breaker feature that should be addressed ASAP.