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Status: Gathering Kudos

Google utilizes the Health Connect application to store health data on devices, aggregating information from various applications like GoogleFit, Garmin, SamsungHealth, FitBit, and many others which write their data into Health Connect.
A notable exception is Strava, prompting the question: Why doesn't Strava write data into Health Connect? As a user, I would prefer not to sync my devices and apps individually, nor manage data across disparate applications. Instead, a unified framework where all data is consolidated and easy to track would be ideal.
Especially considering that Strava on iOS reads data from Apple Health, it seems logical to wonder why it doesn’t read from Health Connect on Android. This functionality could potentially elevate it to a major app among Android users, particularly since Android 14 comes with Health Connect as a default app. Just something to consider for your information (FYI).

Mt. Kenya

I totally agree, chiming back in to say, despite lots of effort I've found no way to move my rides/runs from Strava into Whoop. Short of Strava adding Health Connect, I don't see a way. It's a shame b/c Whoops strain/fatigue/readiness algorithm is next level, however, recording hr data on a bike ride with a wrist strap device is inherently flawed, and inaccurate, especially mountain biking. Health Connect would complete the loop and allow me to integrate data collected with a chest HR strap. 

Mt. Kenya

Health connect is a minimum bar I'm coming to expect from health apps an Android. Please add this to Strava

Mt. Kenya

Adding my vote in for this.

Health Connect became available back in November 2022, and the fact that Strava's Product Management team is barely even looking at this is disappointing and demonstrates poor decision making.

Mt. Kenya

If Health Connect came out in Nov 2022, please can Strava explain why they are not even able to provide an update on whether they'll integrate it 1.5 years on?  Given Android is the most common phone platform in the world, and Strava presumably would like to have those customers?

Mt. Kenya

Google is shutting down Google Fit API, so they are kinda forced to do it now. So there is hope we have this within a year... hopefully

Mt. Kenya

This absolutely has to be done, please. Now that Google is transitioning to HC and shutting Fit down, it would really hurt Strava not to integrate. 

Mt. Kenya

My friend ask me to join Strava, but to be honest I think it's worthless without health connect integration. Uninstalling and going back to Samsung Health. 

Mt. Kenya

It's a shame that Strava still isn't connected to Health Connect, even though the Google Fit Integration is planned to be obsolete in the near future. I've already canceled my subscribtion due to the unreasonable pricing and lack of benefits but this is just a new low for the platform.

Mt. Kenya

I really don't understand why this is still not integrated - Strava is completely ignoring Android users at this point

Mt. Kenya

2 synchronizations bummers I just found out about:

  • No native Strava to Google Health Connect, many other services do.
  • No native Garmin sync to Google either for years! While Polar and others just work.


Mont Blanc

We cancelled our paid version of Strava a while ago, and will not consider renewing until this integration exists. It simply doesn't make sense.