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Why is there no share extension built into the iOS app?

I mean the possibility to share a certain file from one app to another app, in this case Strava. For this, iOS provides a functionality (“share extensions”) which can be used by developers. As far as I know this works specifically per file type. I would expect Strava to provide this feature in their app for .gpx files, as I know it from all other tracking apps I use. That way you could import activities to Strava very easily and not have to take the cumbersome detour via the GPX import function of the Strava website.

I am really very surprised that this simple option is not implemented long ago and I’m wondering that I do not find any other existing questions about it. I hope you know what I mean - I just want an easy way to import my recorded activities as .gpx files from other apps (like Gaia) into the Strava app.

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