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The route builder is great for planning new routes, however I would like to be able to build multiple routes for multiple sports on a single map. The idea is to be able to pick a sport, draw the route and move on to pick a new sport and draw a new route on the same map. Identifying which sport is which by a the sport icon (or color ) on the map. With kilometer markers on the route, and route numbering, as well as a summary of the activities, with hyperlinks on the activity number to take you to the specific route and provide details on the individual activity.

This will be helpful when planning an active holiday where I would like to do multiple trails in multiple locations.  This visualization is helpful for 2 reasons:

1) Helps identify which activities to group together based on location 
2) Helps you identify how many total km you will cover in your holiday to see if you are fit enough for your planned holiday

Please see below a draft of the idea:



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