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Although there has been quite a bit of controversy regarding the lowering of targets for Strava’s own challenges, if you take part in more than one activity, many people may still find it impossible to hit those targets - I, for example, run, ride and hike - and there is, of course, a limited time to fit these activities in!

What I would suggest is a general ‘activity’ challenge - say 25/30 hours a month rather than, or in addition to, the partner challenges which may only require a few hours a month.

Worth a thought?

Strava Page Here!
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Hi @PaulCee 

Thanks so much for posting about this.  We do offer quite a few Challenges that include multiple sport types.  Here's some of the current ones this month:

May Streak Challenge

May 400 Minute Challenge

May 10 Days Active Challenge

There's a number of Partner Challenges as well, such as:

Hot Potato Hustle Challenge

If you visit the Challenges page and select the "workout" tag, you'll see a lot of Challenges that include multiple sport types.


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team