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Often after a Trail running activity I would like to know the time, VAM, Power, Pace of a single uphill section of my whole activity.

To do that Strava can scan the  activity, find the uphill section and extract automatically these information. 

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Hello @vieldani 

Thanks for posting about this.  You can accomplish some of. this using Strava segments.  You can create a segment (or there may be an existing one you can use) for the uphill portion of your run you want to measure.

You'll then be able to see average pace, average HR and other metrics on that specific segment.  I would encourage you to use the "My Results" segment filter to see all your efforts on the segment and how they compare.

CORRECTION:  We do calculate VAM on categorized running segments.  You will be able to see that on your segment "My Results" filter.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team