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Status: Gathering Kudos

Please create a new sport type for activities to be logged as 
1: Spin Bike (peloton / nordictrack, etc)
2: Trainer Bike (Non Smart)

Strava doesn't allow "dumb" trainer activities to be logged as Virtual because to be counted as virtual they must have fake GPS data (or maybe it's because of a sweet zwift partnership).

Understandably, virtual rides that mimic real world gps data shouldn't compete with those leaderboard, because yes, they are different, there is no traffic, wind, etc... That's why virtual rides shouldn't be categorised as rides. I don't understand the argument that non-gps virtual rides shouldn't be counted as virtual rides, since they lack gps data, they're not going to be competing on segments. This argument works in one direction, but that doesn't make it work in the other.

Anyways, I've seen many having issues since Strava made this blanket rule, so if you are unwilling to allow non-gps trainer and virtual rides count as such, can you please create a separate sport type for basic-trainers, and for spin bikes?


Please add spinning as a new sport profile.

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
Moderator Moderator

Hey @ChristianW ,

Thank you for posting this new idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team


Bravo! Bien dicho!

Mt. Kenya

I also don’t understand the sudden change to what qualifies as a “virtual ride” — the power etc data coming from the Schwinn Z bikes that my gym uses or my road bike on my KICKR controlled by my Edge 1030 Plus is just as valid as that from Zwift and TrainerRoad etc. We are clearly not, however, going to win that argument, so I support as suggested the creation of a new ride type to fill the gap — “indoor ride”, “spinning bike”, “trainer ride” work for me. 


Pico de Orizaba

Whilst this is a workable resolution, I still would prefer the old manual option as those of us who have several years of rides classified as Virtual, can maintain out ride separations!

As pointed out in another thread, I use Nordtreck with iFit, and the different ride options within (video, streetview, manual) import differently and with no consistency by type.  Since the change I've had some importing as virtual and other not, from the same ride series with the same trainer!  Bring back the manual option, no one is 'cheating' by highlighting their ride 'isn't real'!

Since the change I've now got 'virtual' rides in my 'rides' category which are showing I do really well on leader boards without that pesky wind to worry about!

No change going forward apart from returning the manual option is acceptable, unless you are going to commit to 'correct' historic entries so the same rides are not classified differently, depending on when the ride took place!! 


A solution for me is to reclassify these activities as "workout". Previously when I asked Strava Support for help logging these acitvities without affecting my stats for my rides, they suggested logging them as a "workout", but I didn't do this as I didn't want to lose the cadence / power / etc data, and I believe I mentioned this in a reply to them. They never told me that in fact a "workout" does retain all of this data. So now I am using that activity type.

ATTN Strava (Support) you need to clarify this. This is why my other idea was for you to clarify the difference between activity types, tags, and also what these different things all affect as it's a guessing game and trial and error as is.

Pico de Orizaba

Yep that would be useful @JimEatsPlants , having an explanation of what stuff actually means or effects, but then they'd have to rationalise their decisions to block certain settings, so don't hold your breath 😕

Mt. Kenya

I's strange omission not to be able to separate excercise bike rides from regular ones. For example when creating challenge for outdoor activity, it's not possible to separate it from actual bike ride.

Mt. Kenya

Please fix this Strava!!!! I use iFit constantly and stuff is commingled with real rides. Please let us at least edit and change to virtual 

Mt. Kenya

I found virtual ride in the list when uploading manually. However I want to log my HR so today I started an indoor bike session as a Workout, hoping to change it when finished. Therefore no expectation for gps but my chest belt recorded hr. On completion I attempted to change workout to virtual ride…..No virtual ride in the list! This needs sorted.

Mt. Kenya

Great Idea

Mt. Kenya

and what's the guarantee that someone with a smart caster and spd sensor hasn't given you a bigger wheel size to go faster? which may be true for outdoors.. there will always be cheaters but let's not mess with honest people

Mt. Kenya

Perché, tra i vari sport, non c'è lo spinning? Sarebbe possibile aggiungerlo? Grazie 

Why, among the various sports, is there no spinning? Would it be possible to add it? Thank you

Mt. Kenya

I guess the same for running on a treadmill.

Mt. Kenya

I recently started indoor cycling and have been perplexed by the lack of it as an option. I have to put Spinning on my Fitbit and now have a mixture of ride and virtual ride on my profile (that I can no longer edit!) and it's just a mess. It's annoying also seeing 0 for elevation gain. I would appreciate it if Strava included Spinning/Indoor Cycling as an option to make things clear. 

I have noticed though that on desktop, you can edit a bike ride and tag it as indoor cycling, but this feature isn't shown in the app!