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Mount Logan
Status: Gathering Kudos


I think it would be great to add Outdoor Art in Strava Maps as a point of interest to venture to. 

This is important because:

  • Art gets more people to go outdoors and connect with local artists in their community
  • Art leads people to take and share photos which shares the artist's work with the world
  • Art inspires the local and global community especially now
  • The Strava map identifies where people have taken the most photos and can be a filter in Strava Maps Live so athletes can visit points of interest
  • Artists can submit their art/geolocation to the Strava map and add in their social links to the description of the art

As an example, I have to google to find local art in my community or cities I visit, but I would use a filter with my phone to find it if it was built on top of the Strava map. 


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Mount Logan

I found Strava Support guide here on how to make edits to map:,inte....

Can we add art as a point of interest? 

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Next Race: Malibu Half (11/5/23)
Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
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​​Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our team and is now open to voting.

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