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Status: Gathering Kudos

I'm asking because shoveling at 4 inches of snow can be a workout in itself, and with me being in the lake-effect belt of Michigan... well, I probably have to shovel at least 6 inches to a foot of snow. Please make it more fun for the people who live in extremely snowy areas!


Absolutely support this recommendation also. 🙌🏼 #ShovelChallenge

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea to add snow shoveling as an activity type. We know it can be a very strenuous activity. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.


Yes! I live in da Yoop and this (shoveling snow using Yooper Scooper) is often my main strength training activity - especially when we get big and beautiful dumps, and shoveling lasts upwards of an hour!!

Gowtham (G)
Mt. Kenya

What an excellent idea! I spend several hour-long sessions per year shoveling snow (US Midwest) and I’d like to track it!


It would be really cool if a device manufacturer like Garmin or Wahoo came out with a smart snow shovel that tracked your shoveling. It could track your GPS position, the amount of snow you've shoveled, the temperature throughout the shoveling... All this data could be written in to the activity file and then appear on Strava as a snow shoveling activity!

Charles | Support Coordinator
Mt. Kenya

Snow shoveling is actually quite a heavy task and should be added to the possible activities.

Mt. Kenya

Norwegian here. Completely agree, 30 mins with the push shovel and my shoulders are burning and i need to shower. Way more strenuous than a walk.


Haha I can relate! Writting from cold and snowy Quebec, Canada. Here we use snow sleighs as there is just too much snow (not this year tho), and that is far less a heavy task.  Wouldn't hesitate to throw on my strava if it were an accepted activity!


lol I can relate. Have a big garden and shoveling dirt is a very effective workout 


Having lived in Wisconsin, with a 1000' driveway, snow shoveling was my main sport for many weeks!

I always just entered it as snow-shoeing, which is much less of a workout.

Mt. Kenya

This really seems not necessary. Just log it as a regular training/workout session and specify the type of activity in the title. There already a couple of workout-types/sports in Strava which are fringe sports. This is way too niched. The Strava-team should focus on changes and development that really matters. Not sport types which are barely used by the majority of people. 

Mt. Kenya

I chose a workout activity today in strava for snow shoveling.. It only recorded 19 minutes of snow shoveling when I was actually shoveling for an hour and a half. So I don’t think a work out activity really covers the amount of exertion involved in snow shoveling.

Mt. Kenya

Absolutely agree with this suggestion. I love in the north os Sweden and snow shoveling is hard work! 💪

Mt. Kenya

I agree, for people who live in mountainous areas no shoveling can be a very strenuous sport for many months. Please consider adding this to your sport categories.

Mt. Kenya

I just spent 45 minutes shovelling my and my neighbour's driveways. All my clothes were soaking wet and rather gross. Currently I use 'Manual Entry' and 'Workout'. Adding my vote for this category!