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Pico de Orizaba
Status: Archived

Why can’t you allow us to sync activities in Apple Health recorded with other apps? Why do you limit / filter for only those recorded in the Apple Workout app on the Apple Watch or iPhone? This is so frustrating.

The option is to export from that app and import to Strava, but this is a real pain.

if I export a GPX file from my other apps, like Pedometer++ or All Trails to import, they loose data like heart rate, and it’s a messy process; and have to do it on my computer / web interface as I can’t import on the iPhone app. Then, when I import it Strava sends it to Apple Health (where it already is) and I have a duplicate workout there I have to now delete. Just a crazy long winded unnecessary process.

I always use Pedometer++ or All Trails on my Apple Watch for hiking as they provide very good mapping interface on the Watch, which Strava does not.

There is no good reason to prevent importing their data direct from Apple Health apart from being obstinate and trying to make using other apps difficult.

Status changed to: Archived
Moderator Moderator

Hello @phirst 

Thanks for posting about this.  We're glad to hear you're passionate about using your Apple Watch with Strava.

As you mentioned, Strava syncs third party activities (those recorded on another platform and synced to Strava) to Apple Health.  However Apple does not sync third party activities to Strava.  For that reason, your feedback is better directed to Apple, and I've included a link below for that:

Product Feedback for Apple

I understand your frustration about third party activities you import to Strava then syncing back to Apple Health and creating duplicates.  I'm not sure if this would work for you, but it is possible to turn off the Strava>Apple Health auto syncing.  More information here.  

I hope that helps, and thanks again for your post.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Pico de Orizaba

Are you saying it is Apple that is stopping Strava from syncing all workouts from Apple Health to Strava? That the Strava app can never see these to import?

The other link re duplicates does not help at all. If you are suggesting turning off the auto sync to Health, then this would be much more work as that would not sync other workouts I do record with Strava to Apple Health.

Mt. Kenya

This is not true. I have a lot of third party apps that see activities recorded to Apple Health with other third party apps

Pico de Orizaba

I think what Jane means is that Strava is specifically ignoring or filtering out any activities in Apple Health recorded by third party apps.

The only reason to do this and make this the user nightmare it is, is that they consider all those apps as competitors and do not want to support their use.

Please, Strava, allow the syncing of any activity from Apple Health, no matter what app it was recorded in. Please.