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Status: Gathering Kudos

Currently the calculation is just the average of a whole activity, but it should be calculated on kilometer basis.

Here's an example, the best time is: 6:11/km it results 30 min, 55 seconds
But in the single activity the best sum of kilometers is: 29min 11s

Which would result 5:50/km.

We would love to have this calculation in place, because some of the people are just running longer activities or doing intervall with warmup and cooldowns and for them this would be more fair.



Mt. Kenya

Same issue on my side!!!!

Status changed to: New Idea
Moderator Moderator

Hello @Getrix0711 

Thanks for submitting this.  It’s not entirely clear from your post what you’re suggesting.

Do you mind elaborating and including more details on the topic? We kindly ask that you review our Ideas guidelines, particularly the “What makes a good idea” section, to ensure that your ideas are clear, concise, and can reach as many others as possible.

Also - thanks for including screenshots - it would be helpful if you could describe exactly where you got the screenshot. For example, is it from a Club, segment leaderboard, activity page, etc.

Thanks so much.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team


Hi @Jane,

yes so we have created a group challenge for the fastest 5km. 
As you can see here, this is our rank:

So it just uses the average pace of the whole activity, as you can see here the activities are quite different. Some of the people have longer activities and some just the 5k. 
In my case the best pace is 6:11/km, this would result in 30min, 55 seconds time. 

but looking at this single activity:

The kilometer times from kilometer 7 to kilometer 11 are faster in sum than 6:11/km
So if we would have a calculation on kilometer basis instead of whole activity then my time would be:
5:50/km which is a 29min, 11 seconds.

So for us it would be more interesting if you would calculate it on a kilometer base, because some of us are not doing only 5k activities, they have longer activites with warmups and cooldown in their runs and these are destroying their pace in the rank list.

Is it more clear now?


Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
Moderator Moderator

Hey @Getrix0711,

Thanks for providing additional detail on your idea.
It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.


STRAVA | Community Hub Team