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Mt. Kenya
Status: New Idea

Like an artists portolio, the Portfolio feature would allow athletes to create a curated list of 10-15 of their most important and meaningful activities. For instance, one could highlight:

  • Interesting routes 
  • A meaningful achievement like the completion of a hundred-mile race, a first marathon, or even a podium spot
  • A special travel experience featuring lots of really nice photos

The idea is to showcase achievements that give you pride or you think others might find interesting. I'm sure you've clicked on a profile before to see someone's 30 mundane neighborhood dog walks, and lurking fifty posts later down is an epic ride you've never considered in your own backyard, or photos of a place that make you want to travel there. 

The feature would be in an athlete's Profile section and available to paid subscribers only. #Portfolio

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Mt. Kenya

Great idea!