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Status: Gathering Kudos

Granular permissions for Activities and which Followers (esp being able to exclude some followers)

Right now we can make an activity 'private', 'followers only' or 'everyone'.

I'd like to see more granular permissions for the "followers" category, where we can further break that down into groups we create - and even have a group where we can add users we want to exclude.

Basically, the same way Facebook lets you decide who can see your posts, so for example, be able to do something like "All followers except those on the exclude list"


There are many reasons why someone might want to do this, perhaps they are training for something very competitive and don't want ALL their workouts shown to their followers. Or perhaps they are working out on their lunch break but it could get misunderstood that they are skipping work for a workout and don't want their work colleagues seeing those workouts, or a myriad of other reasons.

This is different from outright blocking a follower. It would only hide certain activities from those excluded or not part of the default groups you create.



Mt. Kenya


We currently have 3 visibility options for each activity.
These are: Everyone, Followers, Only You.
Is it possible to hide activity only from selected followers?
I don't want to turn them off completely, but only hide selected activities.

Do you anticipate this in new functionalities?

Thank You



Mt. Kenya

It would be great to have a feature where I can add a role for my followers. So I would be able to add to a specific follower a role like "work colleagues", "family" or "strangers" for example. Afterwards I can decide which activity is visible for which group so I add the visvility for the role "family" or I can choose "all" or "only me" for example.


Nice idea, I’d be interested in this too.

Mt. Kenya

That would be awesome!!! 

Mt. Kenya

Still waiting for this feature to be added.  Need to hide specific activities from a small group of people but don't want to block them. 

Mt. Kenya

Just signed up for the community hub just to upvote this feature. 

I’d love to be able to hide rides from certain individuals, but not block them completely. There are so many other use cases for this feature. I don’t share most of my indoor rides, but if I had the option to share with certain individuals, I would. 

This is another layer of privacy that a lot of people would be happy about. Please add this Strava!

Mt. Kenya

Essential that this feature is added in 2024. 

Mt. Kenya

Seems like lots of consumer support for this... @developers: make it so! 

Mt. Kenya

I have a small feature request I want to at least get on your radar: the ability to make lists of atheletes I follow, and filter the feed based on that.

My immediate example is that my wife and daughter are also Strava users. I'd like to easily filter my feed to just them. I can see their activities, posts, etc., then unfilter to see everyone. Right now, if I don't stumble upon them while scrolling, I have to explicitly look them up. I can imagine creating lists such as "pro riders I follow," "Sunday morning coffee gang," "my rivals on OVCX," etc.

Relatively to groups, it may be a subset of one, the intersection of one or more, or simply be a collection of random people. The core differences:
1. It is meant for controling what I see in my feed. I don't forsee this being used for announcements or anything (though it may have a synergy with the new messaging feature).
2. It's only visible to me, and managed by me--they don't have to join a group, know I consider them an OVCX rival, etc.

Anyway, please consider this as something for your roadmap. And **KUDOS** for making a great tool that definitley inspires me to push just a bit harder.

Mt. Kenya

Agree'd that this would be extremely beneficial. 

I would like to be able to hide specific activity form a follower!

Mt. Kenya

Adding my voice to the chorus. Definitely want more granular privacy/activity visibility controls. It would be nice to be able to define our own custom groups (e.g. teammates, colleagues), and limit or hide activity visibility based on those groups.

Mt. Kenya

Would also like to have the possibility to hide an activity from certain followers!


Mt. Kenya

Such basic yet completely necessary functionality.
Pull your finger out Strava! 

and while you’re at it remove footpath and pavements from route creation. I.e limit to roads only. 

Mt. Kenya

Would be a good idea to restrict map to a specific follower. This is good to prevent stalkers from randomly appearing on the Strava runs, if somebody was suspicious they could just stop mask Map updates to specific followers who are suspected. 

Prviacy Settings

Hide Map from Specific Follower

  —> Search for followers name

Mt. Kenya

Another vote for this feature - it would be extremely useful