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Mt. Kenya
Status: New Idea

Every day I scroll through my Strava feed. One of the top items in the feed each day is the "Who to Follow" card with a list of horizontal scrolling profiles that Strava suggests I follow. I am almost always inclined to click this card even though I know I won't find any new profiles I want to follow.

Almost every athlete suggested here has not been active since joining. It seems Strava is just looking at my contacts and showing me any accounts that have been created. This feature would be far more useful if it only showed me active accounts of people I know.

I end up wasting my time clicking people's profiles, seeing they are inactive, and then removing them from the suggested list.

Please either remove this card, show it less often, or make it only show active profiles (preferably a combination of the latter 2). 

At one point I saw a "suggested routes" option in the feed instead! That would be a MUCH more useful feature to show up at the top of my feed each day. 

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Agreed, or give us the option to not have it pop up at all.