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Status: Delivered

Feature: For routes, add grouping and sorting functionality to the web an mobile app.

Over time I have built up a library of routes which I use. Scrolling through them is painful. I would like to be able to group/categorise routes and also sort them by various fields.


Expanding on the comments from my fellow users about this idea, fields to filter and sort by:

  • Route name
  • Created date
  • Last modified date
  • Start location
  • Route type [Out and back | Point to point]
  • Terrain [Flat | Rolling | Hilly | Mountains]
  • Distance
  • Ride Type

The grouping into folders is something I also had in mind but from an implementation point of view I get that tags, filtering and sorting is easier to deliver. Folders would be great though. 

I would like to add either destination or mid point and be able to filter/sort by these. Basically the café stop so, location of the café and café name. I have multiple routes to the same café:

  • On a point to point route the destination is the end point. It could also have a mid point for a stop/café.
  • On a an out and  back it could be the mid point or, on longer rides multiple points (multiple cafés.)

Looking at a one to many here, but a café stop option would be great.

Moderator's Edit: we are excited to announce that we launched Route Filters for Web on January 10, 2023. Now, you can search by keyword, filter by multiple sport types and more! We appreciate any and all feedback on this feature so feel free to continue to leave comments in this thread. However, if you have additional suggestions we invite you to submit a new idea. For more info on how to do this, please click here

Mt. Kenya

It's been half a year since my last post. Further browsing my routes is annoing and horrible. Why can't I set a different maximum range than 82km? Any sorting option? See more maps on the site? If you want to see how route sorting should look like, see how it is done in Garmin Connect. And I personally want to move all routes to GC, tidy them up there and stop creating routes in Strava. This will be another reason to consider whether it is worth paying for premium in Strava.

Mt. Kenya

The existing filter on the routes page is not good enough! We need SORTING!

  • Route name
  • Created date
  • Last modified date
  • Distance
  • Climb gain.

Also, the use of tags, to group routes and further filter them.

For someone (like me) that only has one type of activity, the type filter at the top is useless (walk, run, swim, ride, etc..).



Route Filters for Mobile Apps still needed!