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Status: Gathering Kudos

Would be nice to have the option to select one, all, or none of the audio cues. Sometimes I just want to know how far I've gone without knowing pace. Other times pace is important. 

Mt. Kenya

My suggestion is simple; please add a custom distance increment option for the audio cues, as it would be quite welcome! This is important because the half mile or mile increment can sometimes be a bit too large for my purposes, especially when adding small distances to my runs and building up slowly; because there is no option for a tenth of a mile or a quarter-mile or tenth-of-a-mile increment, I have to use a different app simultaneously that will offer feedback with my preferred intervals. It is very clunky to keep opening up my app to see if I've hit the next quarter of/tenth of a mile or not, and having the ability to get feedback at smaller, custom increments would be highly useful and allow me to consolidate into one app. Thank you 

Status changed to: Gathering Kudos

Thanks for submitting your idea. It has been reviewed by our moderation team and is now open to voting.

Mt. Kenya

Totally agree with this. I have switched to Strava from Runkeeper. But I am going back to Runkeeper as I like audio alerts every quarter mile 

Mt. Kenya

The reason I use my watch is for heart rate and calories - which is critical/non negotiable

The half mile audio cues are the last bit missing, forcing me to bring my mobile device

this is even further a problem because the sessions from the watch and the mobile devices are separate and can't be synced into one single session (which I believe there's already a separate idea for)

being forced to used two devices could be circumvented if the half mile audio cues were available on the watch

Mt. Kenya

Hi there, really love the App. However I would love to see audio cues every .5km/.5miles  available on Apple Watch. It has the feature on the normal app on the phone . It helps with the running pace. Thanks 

Mt. Kenya


Many training programs (running) which have "Intervals" days which are designed for the track (400 metres). Currently Strava allows audio cues every 0.5 KM or every 1 KM.

Could you please add the "every 400 metres" option to the audio cues settings.

Thank you!

Mt. Kenya

Can strava app be set up to give distance/times for intervals besides .5 and 1 mile? For example, if im running a 5K, i have to pull out my phone after mile 3 and watch until i get to 3.1.
It slows me down to do that, as im focusing on my phone rather than pushing to the end.
This would apply to any targeted goal.

There should be a "training mode" and a "race mode", allowing someone training to continue past the preset distance (but its recorded) and the race mode would stop recording at that distance.

It would also be helpful to have some sort of notice for a pre-determined “push” where i could set example .3 miles (should be adjustable) before the finish to “give it my all” as i build up what my push can be.
Again, without having to look at my phone during critical performance times.

This could apply to both predetermined distances or times.

Mt. Kenya

If I am running a park run 5k, and I want to achieve a personal best, eg 23 minutes there is no easy way to do this. I get the km shout outs from the app “2km, 10 minutes 12 seconds, last km 5 minutes 3 seconds etc”. What would be GREAT is to set a target, eg start the run and I set 23 minutes as my target.

The call out would then be something like: "2km, 10 minutes 12 seconds, last km 5 minutes 3 seconds. To achieve your goal of 23 minutes for 5k you need to speed up and cur 20 seconds per km” etc.


“You are on track to achieve your goal of 23 minutes for 5k at the current pace"


“You are on track to beat your goal of 23 minutes for 5k at the current pace. You are targeting 22 minutes 28 seconds for 5k at the current pace.”

This would be amazing, and a great premium feature.

Mt. Kenya

It would be great to have an option to customise what is read out in the audio queue. E.g HR info for the last split , grade adjusted pace , elevation or any other metrics captured 

Mt. Kenya

I want to be more consistent with my speed during running, and it would be nice if I could set my desired speed, and whenever I'm running slower(or faster), my phone would notify me with vibrating, or playing some audio.

Mt. Kenya

I would like to see a maximum heart rate alarm/warning for people who have to watch their heart rate per doctors orders. My understanding Garmin has this function and it would be nice to have on Strava