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I’d love if you’d split the sport of Nordic Ski into the sports of Skate Skiing and Classic. They are very different sports and many people do both based on varying conditions. Thanks!


Yes please! We are all putting "skate" or "classic" into our activity titles but it would be great to see these as separate. My skate and classic speeds are significantly different so the segment times on my popular trails are all over the place. If they were separate I'd clearly be able to see if I'm improving in my skate skiing.

Mt. Kenya

We have five types of cycling and only one type of Nordic skiing? And how many are out there kitesurfing compared to either classic or skate skiing alone? Get with it, Strava! 

Mt. Kenya

Fully support this idea! Come on Strava, not distinguishing between classic and skate skiing is a Huge miss. They're like two different sports and both are the perfect fit for your platform - endurance and movement, on and off trails. Both are cross-training favorites for a huge portion of runners (probably your best target audience) in northern climes, especially as they get older and can afford your lovely sub$cription prices - hint, hint... 

Mt. Kenya

Please differentiate just like you do for many other sports, downhill skiing vs snowboarding, mountain vs road biking, etc. c’mon you have kitesurfing! 

Mt. Kenya

If you've commented on this thread before, please be sure to give 'kudos' to the original suggestion up top to give the idea more votes!

Mt. Kenya

Please don’t do this. Skiing is skiing. Skate and classic techniques share too much. Don’t have separate activities. Be wary of crowdsourcing on this topic. There’s a lot of bad information in these comments.

Mt. Kenya

It would also be nice to track km on different skis just like I do on bike rides and runs. My classic skis are different than my skate skis. Now I have to do it manually with a spreadsheet. 

Mt. Kenya

I would highly recommend this because the techniques are different. The main techniques are Freestyle (skate or any technique) and classic (specific rules apply and it is a different form altogether). Yes there are similarities, but when looking at the sport from a mainstream level all major orgs and races differentiate. World Cup, Olympics, NCAA, National races, club races, local races and events. Almost every other normal event is split into classic and skate. For the most part all current segments could just be made skate segments (for ease of making this a reality) and new classic XC segments could be made. This would make sense for pretty much all XC skiers who use strava (for those that don’t want to specify which activity they could just always use freestyle XC). 

Mt. Kenya

For the purposes of Strava, I definitely support the separation of skating and classic techniques. The MTB vs Road Bike analogy is pretty close. The times between the two techniques on most segments would be different and should be taken into account.

Mt. Kenya

Agreed! Come on Strava! Trail and road running is even split and those are at least sort of the same sport compared to skate and classic skiing!

Mt. Kenya

As someone who primarily races classic, but trains in both disciplines frequently, I would absolutely love to be able to distinguish between the two. It would be useful for referencing your own progress, and much more inclusive of classic activity as they wouldn't be supplanted by skate times. Just look at the Birkie finish times between the two techniques.  

Mt. Kenya

I agree!  I am using "inline skating" when I skate ski, and "nordic skiing" when I use classic nordic skis. I would prefer to have the option to choose "skate skiing"!


I came here to suggest this same thing. These are completely different styles of skiing and times and effort between the two vary greatly. It doesn't make any sense to lump them together.

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Hello @cburnham15 

I wanted to follow up on this feature suggestion, and let you we realized we have a duplicate suggestion for this located here.

We've consolidated you idea post into that one. This helps us keep the forums organized and makes sure suggestions are easy to find and votes for them aren’t divided across duplicate ideas. 

Thanks again for your contribution.


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Mt. Kenya

Yes! I was just going into see if this was an option