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Status: Gathering Kudos

I’d love if you’d split the sport of Nordic Ski into the sports of Skate Skiing and Classic. They are very different sports and many people do both based on varying conditions. Thanks!

Mt. Kenya

Yes! Anyone who says otherwise is confused. It's like road vs gravel biking. Split Classic and Skate skiing. Skaters will feel no downsides. Classic skiers will benefit tremendously. Garmin splits them. It's a straightforward addition for Strava. Also, like someone else here said, hire someone who actually xc skis.

Mt. Kenya

Maybe someday Strava will here us.

Mt. Kenya

To add to those comparisons made here: kayaking and canoeing are also different enough to get their own activity type in Strava. As many others mentioned before, I always put "classic" or "skating" in the title of my activities since there's no other way at this time. Shouldn't be such a huge effort to implement this one, no? And while we're at it, I'd also like to keep track of my skis (and split-/snowboards) usage, like it is case with bikes and shoes.

Mt. Kenya

Skate and classic classic use different equipment, different technique and different muscle groups entirely. Sometimes they share the same trails, but sometimes not. 

Polar separates classic rollerskiing, freestyle (skate) rollerskiing, skate skiing and classic skiing. That's the way it should be.