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I think it would be great if Strava started offering a news column for the latest Sports News in running, cycling, and swimming within the app. The news could brach out to other sports as the interest in sports news grows.

What is it?

The sports news column is basically the go-to place for anything you want to learn about what is happening today in the world of sports. It starts off with the 3 core activities to Strava --- cycling, running and swimming, then expands into new sports

Why is it important?

This is important because people are interested in getting their news from one place and a trusted source. Strava is the hub for sports activities and can also be the hub for news. Currently, businesses are posting their own news stories about their athletes, but it is difficult to go to multiple pages to get all the news stories. Strava can be neutral aggregator of news. The stories would be more factual and can include discussion and interviews with athletes.

How does it work? 

The Strava Sports News Column is a curated list of major news stories around the world written by Strava's team and independent sports columnists. The stories can be written by Strava team or it can be curated by the Strava team. For example, I am interested to know what is going on in marathon running, track and field, and the Paris Olympics generally. The news column would allow me to select which sports/topics I am most interested in and then curate a list of stories based on the interests that I could read or watch in the morning.


Shant Hagopian
Attorney & Athlete
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Personally, I hope they do not do this.  I do not need my activity tracking program to start feeding me news stories of their choice.  If I want news about a specific sport, I have an almost endless number of existing places I can go for that to get the type of stories I am interested in.  If I want accurate stories about marathon running, I will go to a site that specializes on that, not trust what some 3rd party (strava) chooses to feed me.  

Just my opinion though.  



The Strava App has more than enough functions already, this would be completely outside everything I'm using Strava for and Strava wouldn't know anyway what news I'm interested in.

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