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I primarily bought my watch for surf tracking after seeing a buddy's. However, he has an apple watch with a pretty decent surf tracking app. I am not an Apple products guy so I got the Samsung Watch to use with Strava. There is a separate app, Waves Tracker which uses Strava api to attempt to decipher my wave count but it's not very good (yet, sorry guys...) although it is a valiant effort so far and i'm sure it will improve. Garmin and Ripcurl sell dedicated surf watches but they are mediocre at tracking smaller waves. It's pretty obvious the moments a wave is caught, the speed spikes to 12, 15 20 mph and can be seen on the graph. I can count the peaks but its not very good. 

The watch app needs to sync better too, but have a selectable "surf" activity. As well as climb, and some other ones. I always record in "Hike" and manually edit later... 
Then I upload to waves tracker...
Assuming I got the watch app to sync...
A lot of work to try to get any kind of "data" on my "performance" it feels like Im doing it for the 'gram than performance tracking, and between all that and cramming a watch in my wetsuit I opt out half the time. 

In summarium: 
- Surf mode should display wave count, length, speed. An adjustable setting for speed or sensitivity would be great for those smaller days that many of the apps don't work well on. 
- Surf mode needs to be on the watch as a selectable activity (Wear OS)


Screenshot 2023-01-12 203248.pngScreenshot 2023-01-12 203354.pngScreenshot_20230112_203454_Chrome.jpg

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Mt. Kenya

Thanks for posting this! as I'm having the same problem! I saw a crazy mess of positioning and speed, which is pretty much useless!

As waves can vary so much, we need the features Shkhara mentioned and the ability to adjust minimum and maximum wave speed to allow for all different wave types.

Mt. Kenya

Any updates on this? Would be great!

Wave count at the least would be great 🙂


Garmin watches already record the wave count on their Garmin app. Surly it wouldn't be too hard for you to sync this data when the surf activity is synced across to Strava?

Mt. Kenya

Come on Strava team, you've got the data!

Mt. Kenya

I have the same problem, It would be awesome if Strava counted the waves.

Mt. Kenya

It would be great to have some wave stats.

Also if was possible to customize the quick start activities in the watch. At the moment is super annoying to have to scroll all the way down the list you select surf.

Mt. Kenya

Agree to that! Strava is a great app and with surf stats it could easily be my primary sports app on my apple watch 

Mt. Kenya

Me too 

Mt. Kenya

My thought is that, on the athlete profile, each category of activity has a default metric that gets plotted over the past 3 months. Many activities are distance (like running), many activities are time (like yoga). I frequently record my surfs and I believe that time/duration is a more important metric for surfing than distance. 

While potentially more important would be # of waves or something (like in this post, I understand that is much more difficult to automatically quantify. In lieu, I think that # hours surfing is a better metric. Nobody gets out of the water after a surf and says "hey I went 2 km!"--they say "I was in there for a few hours". 

Mt. Kenya

Would be great if you could grab water temperature too from the Apple Watch to store or show!

Mt. Kenya

yes, please implement this. i have my first wear os watch, and all apple users tell me they track surf, and it is hard on android. so far no real alternative, might leap strave forward 😉

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