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Mt. Kenya
Status: Archived

There are activities I am particularly proud of and I want to be identified by. There are adventures that last too long to be recorded in one activity. My profile should tell the story.

Whenever I make a trip from point A to point B that lasts many days or weeks, I want people to be aware that the particular training was just a part of a bigger adventure. Please make it possible to link multiple activities to be one adventure. Whenever someone displays my activity, there should be a link to the previous and the next one, and ideally to be able to see the entire story at once.

There should also be a tab in a profile that shows the activities/adventures I am proud of. Right now my profile tells how fast I am, and some other numbers. Maybe someone runs ultras around volcanos, maybe someone participates in marathons all around the world and wants to highlight their collection, maybe someone does the Strava Art and wants to show their best images, or maybe eventually someone rode from one part of the country/continent to another and wants to highlight their entire adventure. Please make it possible to make activities/adventures identify us and tell the story.


You could write something in your profile bio. I don't know the restrictions there though.

Status changed to: Archived

@Ariegi thanks for sharing your thoughts. 

There are no limits on how many ideas you can submit. However, we recommend you create a separate post for each idea, since these are related to different features. This also makes sure that your ideas are easy to find and votes for them aren’t divided across duplicate idea posts. If you haven’t yet, please review our Ideas guidelines, particularly the “What makes a good idea” section, to ensure that your ideas are clear, concise, and can reach as many others as possible.

For the record, we already have an existing idea to enable "pinning activities/highlights" to your profile to showcase activities you're proud of.
There's also one that proposes linking activities and showing the previous/next one.
You can vote on them to show your support.