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I (as a middle schooler) see no reason why the student discount is only available to students in high school or older. In fact, they probably need the discount less than middle schoolers. I think that younger people would be more likely to have a subscription if there was a discount, but the 80 dollar price is intimidating. Just because we are younger does not mean that we don't take sports seriously!


I coached a large junior cycling team for several years made up of middle school and high school students, and I always encouraged my kids to use Strava so that I could keep track of their training. There are plenty of middle school kids who are serious competitive racers. If there is a student discount for high school students it only makes sense for the same discount to be offered to younger students as well. 


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Hello @KohenD we appreciate your feedback on the student discount and are grateful for your perspective and thoughts. I have passed this information along to our team. Thank you for being part of our Community and we look forward to seeing you on Strava!

Mt. Kenya

I am a youth track coach and have middle distance runners from elementary to middle school students. I don't see why they can't get the 50% discount aswell. Please fix this because they can benefit from it.