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Mt. Kenya
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Ebikes have taken over the riding areas in SoCal. Just in my local park, I run out of flagging before getting through half of all the Ebikers taking top 10s and KOMs on the daily!

I've been on Strava 10 years, this is getting ridiculous. 

Strava needs to educate new users to pick the appropriate activity.  Seems to be a huge issue with the Apple watches.

How can I get unlimited flagging so I can keep up?

I'm fed up with Strava not taking action,  or assisting those willing to take action ME.




Maybe I'm lucky, but in my area the Segment leaderboards seem relatively clean.  Many of the KOMs seem to be shared around local pro and semi-pro riders and I think perhaps they are alert to new KOMs that are clearly not genuine. 

I use the VeloViewer companion site to get a weekly spreadsheet download of the Segments I have attempted (currently 6,900 of them).  I compare this with the spreadsheet from the previous week to look for new KOMs - typically about 1% of the Segments get a new KOM each week.  I review these manually and about 5 to 10% of them (about 4 to 8 Segments) are obviously spurious - usually due to leaving Strava running after transferring to a vehicle.  I either make a polite comment to suggest the rider trims the Activity or simply flag it (for serial offenders !).  I rarely need more than 5 flags per week to keep things looking sensible. 

BTW, I tried a new uphill Segment yesterday - the KOM was 23 mph and the next best was 16 mph.  I looked at the "KOM" Activity and it was titled "E-bike ride" 🤦‍


@CharlesS - See my post below that requested changes to the flagging process along the lines of what you are requesting.  Please take a look and add your comments/kudos to that thread to help encourage Strava to provide this much needed change.

Modify Activity Flagging Process - Strava Community Hub

Status changed to: Archived

Thank you for your suggestion to enable unlimited flagging. Right now, we aren't exploring the possibility of making flagging unlimited, we have these limits in place to prevent abuse of the flag system. We continually evaluate our rate limits and I will relay this information to the appropriate team. Thank you for being part of our community and helping keep it a fair and fun place with your actions.


This thread is archived but perhaps I can get an answer: Is there any way to see what my current flagging limit is and when it’s going to reset? The automated anti-cheat system doesn’t seem to work, I’m constantly seeing new leaderboard entries with “runs” that clearly aren’t runs (visible e.g. from the cadence pattern… they’re often roller skaters or scooter riders), but they’re popping up faster than I’m allowed to flag. As a result, segment leaderboards are plagued by non-genuine activities. 

If there’s a concern that a higher limit would be abused, how about adding an option to flag a particular leaderboard for automatic review? The patterns are usually easy to observe (pace splits indicating that a vehicle was used, irregular low cadence for a steady “run” pace, and such), so it should be possible to set up a set of rules to auto-exclude suspicious activities.