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Status: Gathering Kudos

Unsure if this is available in WearOS 3 as I haven't received the update yet. But in the current version, it would be very handy to use an external HR monitor(chest straps/forearm straps)  and link it in the app as getting HR reads from the watch (wrist) is inaccurate in most WearOS watches and the problem worsens as the intervals shorten. The native google fit app of them allows to connect to the external HR monitor, but obviously this app misses all the goodness that comes from Strava, it would be great to have this option on the strava WearOS app



Status changed to: Gathering Kudos
Mt. Kenya

I recently bought a heart rate monitor not just to track my heart rate but also keep track of it easily on my watch whilst running to keep check of heart rate zones for training purposes, but alas external heart rate monitors aren't supported on the wear os app, please fix this as it means I'm going to have to use google fit to see this and essentially double track which is just extra faff. PS also adding heart rate zones to watch app would also be a great addition. 


Hi Allan,

Thanks for your post about using an external HR monitor with our WearOS App.  We had another member recently request this here.  I'm going to merge your request with that one, so other members can add their votes and comments.

Thank you again, we appreciate your contribution.