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Community Camaraderie and Spirit.

Also known as ‘The Rules’

Our Strava Community Hub is intended to be a safe and welcoming space for all athletes at all stages of their Strava and Community experience. Strava is committed to actively dismantling and eradicating racism and discrimination in all forms. If you use Strava, you’re joining us in this commitment, without exception.
We value your partnership to commit to and help us uphold our shared set of values throughout our Community. The following guidelines outline the expectations of our community members. 

In addition, you can read more about Strava’s Community standards, our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy which are applicable to all aspects of the Community.

  1. Respect Others

    Our community standards require that any athlete on Strava agrees to actively work against discrimination in all forms in the community.

    Our hate speech policy defines hate as a direct attack based on race, ethnicity, age, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, caste, sex, gender, gender identity, serious disease, disability, body type, or immigration status. We will remove hate speech and may suspend or terminate the accounts of athletes who use it. We do not tolerate any of the following behaviors and will immediately remove and/or ban content and members who post these:
    • Racism
    • Sexism
    • Any other forms of discrimination
    • Spam and other forms of solicitation, including self-promotion 
    • Personal attacks on other members, attacks on Strava and their employees or any content that is not respectful of others
    • Political or religious attacks
    • Offensive, degrading or harmful content or imagery
    • Impersonating or posing as another person or Strava employee

      We believe athletes should be able to participate on Strava without fear of being themselves, regardless of athletic ability. Thus, we believe the environment on Strava should be one where athletes are free from targeted attempts of bullying, ridicule or shame. Repeated abuse will carry stronger enforcement actions against accounts found to violate this policy, including a timed or permanent suspension.

      Reporting inappropriate content

      If you see a community post you think is inappropriate you can click on the cog icon next to a post or reply and then 'Report Inappropriate Content' to immediately notify our Community Moderators.
      Community Moderators will treat inappropriate content reports with the highest priority to review and remove content and members who share inappropriate content.

      Media policy

      At Strava we believe in keeping offensive material off the platform. This carries through to media too, where we will treat media with care whilst encouraging our community to share content that will further illustrate their fitness journeys. In summary, we hope that athletes sharing media on Strava will be authentic, enabling them to further illustrate their athletic journeys. In conjunction with this, media should be appropriate for our community and thus will not negatively impact other athletes.
  2. Respect Data Privacy

    Remember that all content you post, unless explicitly in a private area of the community, is searchable both inside and outside of the community by anyone. It may also feature in Strava Community Hub emails or notifications that other members receive related to community activity. Be sure that you are comfortable with random strangers finding your posted content in search engine results.

    Also, be sure you have the right to publish what you share (for example, don’t post a screenshot of your friend’s private activity without their consent). Read more information on Privacy Settings in Community

    Moreover, we ask that you do not share your own or anyone else’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as:
    • Home or work address (written or within activity maps)
    • Contact information (Email addresses or telephone numbers)
    • Financial information (Bank Accounts, Credit Card numbers, Social Security numbers, etc.)
    • Confidential information which violates contractual obligations or Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • Strava account details (Athlete IDs, passwords, etc.)
    • Photos or images without consent

      PII information shared will be subject to removal prior to posting or retroactively by Community Moderators. 
  3. Be Kind

    Strava is a global community. We expect our athletes to be respectful and constructive when interacting with one another at all times. Provide details when asking questions so other members can better understand. Offer honest help, keep your tone positive and be patient.
  4. Be Relevant 

    • Stay on topic and relevant to any existing topic you are participating in
    • Start a new topic if you have a different question or wish to discuss something else with the community
    • Avoid posting duplicate content by searching for similar topics before posting a new one. 
    • Do not start a coordinated social media campaign in a Strava Club or on other platforms to request a feature or attempt to get Strava to revisit a decision.  We collect all product feedback through the Community Hub
    • Contacting individual employees directly or commenting your questions or requests on their personal activity uploads is not permitted, nor is it an effective way to make sure your voice is heard or ensure that you get the most accurate information.  All product feedback should be directed to the Community Hub
  5. Be You

    Participate as you, don’t impersonate another person or use an account you don’t own. Most of the content originated from Strava will be in English. As a general rule of thumb when replying try and follow the precedent of the language in the original post. This will help the author to understand and engage further.
  6. Be Courteous

    If another member was able to help you, return the favor by replying with a thank you or marking their answer as an Accepted Solution if it answered your query.
  7. Be Aware

    You might not always get a solution. Apply the same good judgment here to any information you would find on the internet and remember to appreciate those who are trying to help you even if it only provides partial help. 
  8. Respect the Rules & The Team

    1. Designated Moderators

      - Strava Moderators, both external and internal, will be identifiable by the titles Community Manager and Moderator which will appear on their profile page and to the right of any contribution they make. More information on special Community roles are detailed in Introduction To Community Members.
      - Strava reserves the right of its designated moderators to edit, move, block or remove discussions, signatures or images that they consider inappropriate, disruptive or disturbing to our community. 
      - We may also ban a member at our sole discretion without notice for actions that are deemed malicious and detrimental to the community. 
      - For moderation issues, we will communicate with you directly to provide coaching or inform you of a decision. We ask that you do the same if you need to comment on a moderation action as to not disrupt the rest of the community.
    2. Other Community Roles

      - Strava Employees are identifiable in the Community by the Strava echelon and with an orange username. 
      - Some Community members may have additional identifiers that indicate that they are a Pro or Verified athlete. More information on the identifiers used in the Community can be found in  Introduction To Community Members
      - Do not attempt to pose as a Strava employee or moderator by using the Strava logo or trade name as your avatar or user name. Such action will result in immediate removal and/or banning. 
      - While Strava employees and moderators may contribute on occasion, it is not guaranteed. If you believe you require an urgent response please contact Strava Support

Need more help?

If you have questions about connecting to and using the Community please connect with the Strava Community Hub Team in our feedback group  Community Hub feedback.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Visit our Help Center to search our support articles

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