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Personal Heatmap - some ebike activities are no longer showing as rides

Mt. Kenya

Last year all my ebike rides showed up as rides in the personal heatmap.
Now, many of these ebike rides no longer show up as rides (I can see them if I click on all sports though). Some ebike rides Do show up as rides though.

I selected one particular ebike ride that no longer shows, changed its activity to 'ride' and it showed up. I then changed it back to 'ebike ride' and it disappeared again.

I cannot work out what is different between those that show and those that don't.
Besides, this was all working fine last year when I checked the feature.
Has something changed? Is there anything I can do / check please?
I love this feature as I'm trying to connect up all my rides across the UK.


Mt. Kenya

If I select one of the ebike activities that isn't showing up and change the map from standard to dirt it then shows up ok.
If I change the same activity's map back to standard it still shows up.
Obviously I'd rather not go through all my activities and carry out this task, but this might be a clue as to why it is not working properly.
I saw a similar post that indicated their maps were marked as hidden which had caused this, but all my maps are visible.