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Are you on Nike Run Club or Nike Training Club?


Three apps you love, working together like never before. Now you can connect Nike Run Club (NRC) and Nike Training Club (NTC) accounts to Strava. 

Any workout you log with NRC or NTC will upload to your Strava profile so you can keep track of your workouts in one place and make sure your community sees them all. To start collecting even more kudos and encouragement for your hard work, just head to the Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club apps and follow these steps:

👉 In your NRC and NTC profiles, select Settings
👉 Select Partners
👉 Select Strava
👉 Allow Nike to link with Strava
👉 Log in to Strava (if prompted)
👉 Tap to authorize connection

P.S. If you’re not already a member, join Nike's Club on Strava for inspiration and guidance from Nike’s world-class athletes, coaches and community.

Check it out here!

What's your favorite NTC workout or NRC guided run?

STRAVA | Product Marketing


Mt. Kenya

Strava is not showing up in NRC under Partners 

Hi TextRunDad! If you're not seeing Strava as an option under Partners, please make sure you've updated your NRC and NTC apps to v7.28.0 and v6.48.0 respectively.

STRAVA | Product Marketing