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Segments are one of Strava's coolest features. They are portions of road or trail created by members where athletes can compare times. Subscribe to Strava to get the most out of Strava segments.

  • Understand why a segment may not have matched your activity and what you can do about it.
  • Climbing segments (for cyclists) are automatically categorized HC, 1, 2, 3, or 4 as you see in the Tour de France. More information on how we categorize climbs.
  • See Optimizing Segment Creation for what kind of segments work the best, and which don't.
  • With a Strava subscription, you can use segments to compare your own times or to compare with other users' times who have also completed the segment. Segments are a great way to keep track of your performance progress and see how your training compares to others.
  • To learn how to customize your segment viewing preferences on your activities, see Hide/Unhide Segments.
  • To find segments in your area, or in a new area, see How to Find Segments.
  • If you want to be the King of the Mountain (KOM), Queen of the Mountain (QOM), or Course Record (CR) holder, you have to have the fastest time on a segment.
  • For a glossary on Segment Achievement medals, and how you get them, see Segment Achievement Awards.

My Segments

There are three categories under "My Segments" - my KOMs/QOMs/CRs which lists those segments in which you are currently in the first place, then Segment Preferences which keeps track of what segments you have hidden (essentially deleted them from your viewing experience but not for other users) or unhidden (chosen to view that others have hidden) then there are Created Segments, those you have personally created and which you "own" effectively.

Mt. Kenya

Hello, I have a problem with the strava segments. I can no longer put them on my EDGE 830. I have deleted all the ones that were on the edge and have about ten with a star on the website. Everything used to work fine. I've done several synchros with no results. However, the courses I create on the web are put on my counter without any problem...
Do you have a solution?
Thank you

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