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Strava - but make it art!


We've seen it all, from frothy beers to dinosaurs to marriage proposals - Strava activities showcase our athletes' creative flex! Have you ever created one of your own or contemplated making one someday? We want you to share what you would like to create (or have created). What challenges do you think you might encounter, and how do you plan on actually carrying the activity out? Did I hear someone say they want to draw a shark by kayaking around their local lake?

Image of Lenny Maughan’s Strava activity from February 2021: “Ox Run”Image of Lenny Maughan’s Strava activity from February 2021: “Ox Run”

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your activity creation, check out our feature of one of our most prolific artists on Strava. Please keep in mind that by sharing your art with the Strava Community, you are willingly sharing data representative of personal information such as location. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.



Geez!!! How many hours of planning do some of these take before the runs?

Mt. Kenya

I have a plan to draw a picture with women as the theme this year.
Thank you.










Thanks for sharing your Strava Art, these are really unique! What's your inspiration behind creating these women?


A more complicated one for a ride which is not my original work, it was done by a guy called Gary Cordery who runs  You can follow him on Strava and Instagram

I do know a colleague who walked it and visited some pubs along the way, I'm planning to run it but need to work up to the near marathon distance:

Year of the TigerYear of the Tiger 



Here's one I did last year:

Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 10.47.21.png

If you're local it's also a route 



That's cool, how did you decide on that shape -- did it look like a bird on the map or did you want to make a bird and actively searched for a place to create it? I wouldn't even know where to begin, but I feel like when looking at maps certain figures/shapes sorta stand out and then you can just roll with it.

It kinda stood out from the map and just started drawing the route to see what happened. I did see another shape in the same space which I also did, this came out as a genie lamp:

Genie lampGenie lamp 



Lenny's ox is so epic. I really need to make a strava-art one of these days... I'm going to start thinking about it. 

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