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Changing to Webhook Events API - who can help?


For years our website has run cron jobs sending request to the Strava API. We are having three cron jobs. So every minute we are sending request to Strava but we are experiencing "Rate Limit Exceed " issues now. Strava suggests making a change to web hook events API, which is fine by me, but where do I find capable resources to that code change?



@SpiffBif I recently did this, let me know how we can cordinate and I can try to make it work it for you.

I hope I have developer solving this the coming week, but feel free to e-mail me, because I have more work on this going forward, I think.

Let me know your email address and I will write to you.

henrik at

Email sent.


Don't worry Stiffbif. You can take help from chatgpt and google bard for code related tasks. 


To address the "Rate Limit Exceeded" issues caused by frequent API requests to Strava, you need to make code changes and implement the Strava Webhook Events API. To do this, find skilled developers familiar with web development and API integration. You can hire in-house developers, freelancers, or contractors from platforms like Upwork or Freelancer. Engage with developer communities, attend tech events, or seek help from software development companies if a larger team is required.

Consider online learning platforms if team members are willing to learn. Ensure the selected resources have prior API integration experience and are familiar with Strava's API documentation and guidelines. Good communication and teamwork are crucial for successful collaboration.


Thanks, but I'm not technical enough myself to do the actual change in code.


Webhooks are documented here along with instructions on how to subscribe -

Once you have the webhook set up you will get push notifications for certain events (create, update some fields, delete) for your registered athletes. You can then do what you need with that information which will most likely include retrieving activity data and processing it.